Monday, December 24, 2012

Christmas Eve

Christmas Eve came and went.  We always host Christmas Eve at our house.  I enjoy this because I love to host as well as not driving.  Christmas Eve has always been a big thing for Todd and his side of the family.  Connie, Todd's Mom will make chili and oyster stew.  We typically get deli meat and cheese for sandwiches.  I typically make a lot of Christmas goodies but the flu kept me away from the kitchen.  I was only able to make 4 dozen sugar cookies and 2 dozen peppermint cookies.  I also only made chocolate and peanut butter fudge this.  I usually make so much more.
 I made two different dips.  One was a Pickle Wrap dip.  Click here for the recipe and the other was a BLT dip.  Watch for the recipe posted soon for this dip.
 I am not sure but Todd and I are being more and more nostalgic over the years.  I am not sure if it is because we are getting older or because we are Grandparents.  We talk about memories and traditions we have had with our Grandparents, so I wanted to make sure we incorporated them as well.  I picked up chips that were found in his Grandparents home often, made in the same town they lived.  I added an olive and pickle tray like by Grandparents had. 

 We had a great time.  No drama while his family was over.  This is so nice.  We chose to exchange gifts with the children after everyone left because Todd had to work in the morning.  I believe Todd's sister's family left close to nine Christmas Eve night.  We then passed out the gifts to everyone and were just about to start unwrapping gifts when the boys' father called.  Then drama hit he fan.  He wanted them to talk right then and was upset when they told him they would call him back.

 Taj was funny.  We bought special wrapping paper for Taj.  He is very much into Toy Story and we found Toy Story wrapping paper.  He wanted the paper more than the gifts.
 I loved Ethan's facial expression here.  I knew he would love this gift.

Everyone truly enjoyed spending time with everyone.  I love moments like this with my family.  I feel so blessed. 


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