Sunday, December 23, 2012

December Catch- Up

I have been away from the Blogger's world a little lately.  December just has not been a very good month for me.  I have been down with the flu for several days.  The worse I have ever had.  Christmas is nearly here and I feel so very far behind.  I was unable to make the time to do my new decorations but I have scheduled 2 vacation days in January just to craft and paint.  They will be ready for next year.

So while I was away here is what you missed (or I missed to post)

Okay... actually the first two I just missed because I failed to upload the pictures.

Towards the middle of November, Noah had a sleep over for his birthday party.  This year was his Golden Birthday.  He turned 13 on the 13th. He invited his two close friends.  They went to the movie alone (plus Ethan).  I drove them to the mall and dropped them off.  When we discussed what he wanted for his party, he loved the idea of going without an adult.  His first time.  All four boys loved the movie, Wreck It Ralph.  I made tacos, Noah's favorite, for dinner and we had ice cream cake.  The rest of the night the boys were in Noah's room playing Wii or PlayStation 3.
He told me this was his best birthday party yet.

December 15th I planned to have all the kids over to have a nice dinner and decorate the tree.   Unfortunately, Kera's hours at work changed her days off due to necessity she was unable to make it.  Matthew also had to work a double and was not there as well.  Ethan stuck around as long as he could, he had plans to meet his girlfriend's family for the first time so he was not here when we actually decorated, this left only half of the kids and Taj.  However the three who helped enjoyed the time.  I loved sitting back and watching them of course my camera was out.  I also loved listening to them.  Emily and Joshua always seem to have a great time when they are around one another.  I loved listening to them all talk about certain ornaments that they had when they were much younger.
This time to me is priceless and the best gift a parent (biological or not) could ever receive.  Enjoying the time with your children, enjoying their memories, and hopefully continuing more memories for them and traditions.

Todd and I took Taj to our local grocery store for breakfast with Santa and his reindeer.
He enjoyed seeing the reindeer.
Santa not so much.

As stated before in a blog, work is not so great any more.  We were told before I came down with the flu and missed my last two days of work before the holiday break we are losing our two personal days/floating vacation days.  This was very much a Debbie Downer to the entire office.  I am very grateful I have a job but I have been in a horrible position in my department for several years.  Now, I have an opportunity where I can leave the company, I just fear the timing is not right.  The other company promotes within and within six months.  I have two things holding me pay.  I am not sure if they will pay me what I am making now.  I can not afford to take a pay cut right now.  I am so close to getting everything caught up financially from when I left the boys' father and other medical bills since.  Everything will be paid off by the middle of February.  All I will have is my normal bills at that point.  This has been a very long road and I am so close.  Two- No FMLA for six months.  I really need the FMLA right now with my Dad's condition.  I am so very torn about the job right now.

As mentioned prior Todd chose to paint the bathroom before Christmas.  I think if we did not come down with the flu everything would have been done.  Now it is only a day before everyone is to be at our house and we are only nearly done.  Well, nearly done with phase one.  The vanity and medicine cabinet will not be painted white like I want, the light fixture will remain the same for now.  Todd still did not finish the floor.  This has been stuck as is now for six years.  He will also not have the baseboard up as well since the floor isn't finished.  We also decided after the first of the year sometime (I am pushing the first two months so it will get done.) to add crown molding in the bathroom as well.  I do like the color and the fact there is not any mold on the walls before.  I will post before and after photos once we have completed.

December 21 came and went.  My Noah, truly thought it was going to be the end of the world.  He showered the night before and dressed up on the 21st.  He wanted to go out in style he said.  He was a little disappointed when the 22nd came.  Oh My, this kid makes me laugh at times so hard.

I have all the ingredients for my baking but I am not sure if I will get all my baking done.  It may be another victim from the flu.  I had planned on baking all day yesterday, however I was only able to do some of the cookies because I lack the energy from the flu and had to watch Taj while Kera did her Christmas shopping, that was not suppose to take all day, however it did.  Joshua was suppose to be over to help me do my baking this year, his way to help, however he ended up having to work most of the day and when he did show up, I had no energy and we were still waiting on Kera.  This would be Taj's first time decorating and I did not want to rob Kera of this moment, so we waited and waited.  Joshua was exhausted, too much partying with his friends home from college and working a full time and a part time job, he ended up going home to go to sleep.  It was dinner time when Kera came home, so we ate and then decorated.  Ethan missed out once again, because he was exchanging gifts with his new girlfriend (Who I like a lot! Since the two have hooked up, my son is actually turning in his homework and I do not have to fight him.  His lowest grade at this point is C- and closer to a low C.)  Once again, Emily truly enjoyed the time.  Taj was tired and enjoyed a little but he wanted to do his own thing and Kera wanted to guide him to make pretty cookies instead of letting him be a one and half year old who was decorating cookies for the first time.  Noah at first was enjoying the decorating as well but his mood changed.


This leads to today.  Today I need to do all the laundry, wrap all the presents, make 3 batches of fudge, almond bark pretzels, one more batch of cookies.  Straighten up the house a little (It is not too bad from working on it the past few days. Boy, when the Mom is down, the house goes to... well you know.)  We need to go shopping for Christmas Eve get together.  I need to go grocery shopping period.  We need to straighten up the back porch.  I need to check my oil and tire pressure to be ready to leave to Des Moines first thing Christmas morning.  All this while I try to rest some because I am re-cooping from the flu.  *sigh*  I just do not see the last happening.

Oh, and this picture is just for the love of it.  Noah is such a wonderful uncle and was so helpful to me.  In order to keep Taj away from the oven while I baked the cookies, Noah entertained Taj.  I could not help but snap a photo of this moment.  I just loved it.


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