Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Happy List


To be honest, I do not know where the party is this week but I am going to post my Happy List still.

  • Last week's HAPPY list fell through.  I did not get my time to craft.  It always happens this way.  I set aside a day to enjoy myself and get lost with painting and crafting but then I end up watching Taj.  Do not get me wrong, I love being with Taj, I just need my day too.
  • All of the children did not make it to decorate the tree.  Only half of them, Joshua,Noah, and Emily.  However, the three made me HAPPY, how they were into decorating the tree and talking about last Christmas.  HAPPY HAPPY HAPPY.
  • The tree looks beautiful.  I just need to upload the pictures.  Hopefully I will get some more decorating done this week, but I need to get my crafting done because I want to put some new votive candle holders on the mantel that I plan to paint.
  • Todd took me out shopping on Friday after dinner with the boys and Taj.  HAPPY I rarely shop for me. He ended up picking up my birthday gift early and let me have them early as well.  I now have two new bras (so HAPPY) and a new shirt and sweater.  It is a thin sweater, since I have so many hot flashes sweaters are out this year.   
  • I wore my new sweater to work yesterday and received so many compliments.  The color does look good on me and what I love the most about the sweater is how it shows I am beginning to have a waist once again.  I had several people comment on my weight loss. HAPPY HAPPY HAPPY.  I am down 25 pounds now. I have so much more to go but it is a good start.  I do not think I am going to get my goal of down two sizes this year, but I am down one.  Now I need to lose another entire person.  
  • Taj was so funny last night with Ethan and Noah.  He was very clingy to Ethan at first, following him around and then later it was Noah. He also did the same to Papa and Nana.  It makes me HAPPY seeing the boys make time for their nephew and that they love being around him too.  It also makes me HAPPY Taj enjoys our house.  He has many people to entertain him.
  • My Grandma Rich celebrated another birthday last Sunday.  She is now 90.  HAPPY she is around still.
What do you have to list this week?  I am HAPPY I came up with a list because I have been a little grouchy since Friday.  I think I need a break from work, crabby people, and my painting/crafting time. *wink*


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  1. This is an awesome happy list! YAY on your weight loss and new sweater. :D
    I'll have to enjoy your tree since I only put up a tabletop one this year, but that's okay....



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