Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Happy List


It looks like High-Heeled Love will be taking on the Happy List party for Mamarazzi for now.  Please go over and check out Aubrey's blog.

Here is my HAPPY List this week.  It is short but it is what it is.

I am HAPPY that the overtime craziness is over at work.  We still are busy but I am HAPPY I do not have to work as much overtime.  I am so tired for all of it, however my next check will have nearly 20  hours of overtime on it. HAPPY HAPPY HAPPY.

I am HAPPY for Todd shampooing our main living room carpet yesterday on his day off.  I love that man.

I am HAPPY this weekend most of the kids will come over on Saturday and help decorate the tree.  We plan to have a nice ham dinner for everyone as well.  I can not wait to have everyone together again.

I am HAPPY I will be crafting this week.  Look for some post next week on what I make.

I am HAPPY my Dad's doctor appointment was okay news.  He is losing too much weight but there is nothing he can do about that now.  He needs to double his water pills to keep fluid building up in the liver from the cancer.  I am just HAPPY that we did not hear it has spread more.  I will take as much time as God grants us.  Now I only have to take advantage of the time and actually drive to see him more.  I do talk on the phone.

Well, that is all I have right now.  I am super tired and plan to go to bed early.

What all are you HAPPY about?



  1. I don't know about taking the party over from now on...just keeping it going until things settle down for Mamarazzi and she comes back to blogging.

    It's amazing how freshly cleaned carpets can make a house feel so fresh.

  2. Bless your heart....I know you're going through with a lot right now, and you inspire me that you are able to find joy in spite of it. I have been so busy this week I was unable to link-up but I will next week!

    Have you heard from Mamarazzi?



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