Sunday, December 23, 2012

Sunday's Song

Today I wanted to post a few of my favorite Christmas Songs, particular the stars singing them or how they are sung.  My actual favorite Christmas songs were posted two weeks ago.

Of course the first three should be a given.

I chose this video instead of his original.  I loved the children in it.

This one... it may be one of my favorites of all time now.  He did such a great job!!

And then of course there are these two artist I love as well.




  1. *love* Paul McCartney! These are great, Jolene. Thanks for posting them!


  2. Well it is so goog to see some more bloggers still on blogger. I have to admit that I deserted my blog for awhile, but now I am back and I did a festive page of coupon offers. I will do one every month, with different offers.
    You have a great page here, thank youfor letting me visit.


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