Tuesday, December 11, 2012

The Case of the Grumpies

I am going to do a little post here of my grumpies. I am in hopes of if I let it out, it will leave. I wish I would have done this on Monday for a Monday Moan but I was also hoping they would just go away. If you are reading my Grumpies post, please take the time to read my Happy List I posted earlier. I do not want you to think I am a grumpy person all the time. Things just build up.

So without further due, grumpies leave me as soon as I post this list.

I am feeling a little like I do not have time to enjoy my time. I need some time where I get to do the things I want to do as well. I love my family and I love doing for them. They each have some "me" time and I feel I deserve this as well. My children are older now, so I feel I should be able to enjoy some "me" time too.

I have been wanting to paint some wine glasses - making them votive holders now since Thanksgiving weekend but something always comes up and I am unable to do so. Last Friday I was able to flex and get off 3 hours early and I thought this would be perfect timing. I also have been trying to find time to finish 4 canvas paintings I started while on vacation in August so my plan was to complete one canvas paintings and get the votive candle holders done. HOWEVER, this did not happen. I was able to make my initial painting on the canvas for The Flash but that was all because Kera needed some time away and wanted us to have Taj overnight and Todd wanted us to do this since we had plans the next day with Taj. Yup, there went my crafting night too.

I have been wanting to work on the bathroom all year. The main bathroom because it needs it in the worse way, besides being outdated there is mold on the wall. It is horrible looking. Last Thursday, Todd thought it would be a great idea to start on Sunday. He asked me what plans I had and I told him painting, meaning the wine glasses and he said good because he wanted to start the bathroom to have it completed by Christmas Eve. Now he did not ask me to quit what I had planned but I feel these home projects should be an "us" thing and I really want the bathroom done too. One coat of Kilz paint and removing the mold is all we were able to do. Unfortunately, we did not remove the wallpaper as I wanted. I think Todd feels we just will not have enough time to get it done by Christmas Eve. His goal is to have it done by this Saturday. This will be just the walls because I will not have time to paint the vanity cabinet or the medicine cabinet white like I wanted. I also will not have time to re-frame my picture I bought to add to the bathroom, so for Christmas Eve it will stay in the ugly frame it came in.

I am very frustrated with fighting Ethan to study or turn in his homework. I am so tired of him nearly failing or failing every trimester in English. This is his fourth year of this. He makes it where he must get a 'B' in the last trimester in order not to repeat the English course for the grade he is in. The sad thing is, he is smart, he is just being lazy and not doing the work. He does not like what they are making him read. WELL, tough!!! There will be a lot of things in life you are required to do that you will not like. Suck it up buddy and do it! I can not tell you how frustrated I was after three weeks into the new trimester he had three 'F's and one 'D-". I removed the PlayStation 3 out of his room and told him he will not have it back until all classes are at a 'C' level. His friend came over and noticed the game system was in his brother's room and asked why. Ethan shared, then his friend told his new girlfriend. She told him to do his homework. Well I guess that is what he needed because now he has only one 'D' and the rest are of the low grades are now 'C+' and he has 'A's in the classess which were not posted the first three weeks. I am glad he is doing his work, but heck…why not listen to me instead of battling me every year?

I am very frustrated… NO pissed, that the boys' father will not assist me once again with driver's education. I was in hopes he would pay half of the $400.

I feel so tired and I am not sleeping well, partly I just can not get comfortable. I also have so much on my mind, everything I need to do as well as my dad's illness. The other part would be Todd is having difficulties sleeping as well.

I am more than frustrated with my job now. It is the same reasons. I made myself too resourceful. They rely way too much on me and expect me to do so much with no pay compensation or title. I really hope I am able to get into another position after the first of the year. I feel I am not appreciated at all. I do not want to go outside the company right now. I want to keep my tenure and I will need FMLA time once it gets closer to the last days for my father.

I am a little grumpy since I am unable to walk on my treadmill. We had to put it up to put the tree up. I need to find some other place to walk on a flat surface to get my exercise in. However, this is a little grumpy because I love Christmas decorations.

I am grumpy with my boys right now. My older two are very competitive and well…all of them hold grudges. Matthew is angry with Joshua. They both have attitudes towards one another and are cocky. Joshua tries to get a long with Matthew more in some ways but more cocky way than 100% trying. The issue at hand is Matthew is offended Joshua tried to use the excuse of his grandfather's cancer as to why he failed his first semester in college. Joshua tried to see if he can get an exception and not pay the first semester and to remove the grade point average. Matthew felt it was more because he was not applying his self and partying too much. (this is true as well.) As I told Matthew, I can see his disapproval since he had a semester that was not forgiven for his medical situation, however Joshua was not forgiven either so he will be responsible for the grade point average and the cost. Matthew just can not let go. I think he avoids family get together some to avoid Joshua which upsets me because I do not want this for our family. Matthew shared his irritation with Noah at Thanksgiving. Noah for some reason thought Joshua should have been told, so now this is upfront and with Christmas coming… I just want everyone to get along! When a brother shares something with another brother it should be kept in confidence instead of trying to cause trouble with sharing so trivial. To me this is common sense.

I am grumpy with my sisters acting the same way as my boys. I have one sister who is battling another and because of this refuses to come to Christmas. This angers me with our father having only 6 months. Most likely this will be his last. Why do this?

I am grumpy my car is acting up. I do not have the money to fix it right now. UGH!

Okay, now that is out of my system. Maybe the grumpies will go away.   Untitled


  1. what a great idea to get rid of the grumpies I likey. I get this wit the kids my older ones would not come to family stuff if the other was going to be there and I found myself doing extra dinners to be able to spend festive with them hang in there mama it will pass and if not instead of painting those wine glasses fill them up and enjoy!!

  2. My ex thinks the piddly amount he pays in child support, which is less than what I know other women get, thinks that it should pay for all of that stuff, nevermind food, lodging, household expenses for the kids. He thinks it's enough for clothes, shoes, medical expenses, extracurricular activities, and so on. Ridiculous! That part of your post just struck me!


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