Thursday, January 31, 2013

Woo Hoo Random Rambling

I am so excited with some projects and new things I plan on doing as well as old that I will be bringing back.

I have decided to show peeks of the crafts I am working on and will do the tutorial once I have completed.  This will be begin sometime this weekend.  I am very excited to finish all of the snowmen votive candle holders I have been working on.  Only one is complete at this time, well nearly complete.  It still needs the clear coat sealant sprayed on it, but I plan to do that when all of the wine glasses have been painted.

I plan on participating with Art@Home Literary Friday. I have never posted a blog about a book I have read. I do not want to give too much away, yet not enough either so I am a little nervous about it. I have seven books I need to blog about that I have read this month. They are not large books but I enjoyed them very much. Ricki Jill is very good at her book post and I fear I will not come near her quality at all but I want to share what I am reading. I am so excited I am reading once again.

I also plan to begin to post every Wednesday a Weigh In Wednesday to hold myself accountable for my weight loss. I need to be a little more serious with this. I have on my "2013 To Do List" to lose two clothing sizes. It was on my list last year and I only exceeded one size smaller. I did not even try hard, this year I will focus on it. I plan to post partial weight but I am too ashamed at this time to post the entire weight, who knows some day when I lose enough I might end up posting the entire amount and you all can do the math, will know where I started, however at first it will be 2xx for now.

Another new change I plan to aid in meeting all my "2013 To Do List" is to post at the beginning of the month, my monthly goals/to do and at the end of the month if I met them. Another way to hold myself accountable.

I am in hopes to have our printer/scanner fixed where I can begin to scan old photos once again and bring back my "Flashback Friday" post. I definitely will be posting past memories. I want to bring it back since this was part of why I started this blog. A place for my children to go to find my memories and what my/our life was like. I still want to keep participating with all my parties and join in all the fun. I do not plan to change that one bit. I love my blog friends and this world.  


Wednesday, January 30, 2013

We Want To Know

We Want To Know is back!!!
Scriptor and Kenzie are now hosting.

{no. 1} What is your biggest guilty pleasure?
{no. 2} Do you actually keep your resolutions for the New Year?
{no. 3} If you had to do one random act of kindness today, what would it be?
{no. 4} Do you have a bucket list, 101 in 1001 list, or any other list? If you do, what are some of your goals?
{no. 5} Why do you love blogging?

My answers:
{no. 1} What is your biggest guilty pleasure? Hmm... this one is tough.  Pepsi I guess because I should not be drinking it so I can become healthier.
{no. 2} Do you actually keep your resolutions for the New Year?  No, I do not make resolutions because they are never kept.  Instead I make a year's to do list and find I am more productive with this method.
{no. 3} If you had to do one random act of kindness today, what would it be? Well, I did do a random act of kindness today.  My fellow co-worker works until 7 pm and we had 6 inches of snow today while we were at work.  I cleaned his car off for him after I got of work at 5:15.  He still probably had to clean a little bit off because we did have some snow flurries.  He will also be very surprised and will have no idea who cleaned it off for him either.  It just makes my heart smile thinking about it when he walked out to his car tonight.
{no. 4} Do you have a bucket list, 101 in 1001 list, or any other list? If you do, what are some of your goals?  I have seriously been thinking about adding a tab for one.  I actually started the list about two months ago.  My goals range for owning a convertible mustang, to visiting England, seeing a waterfall and so on.
{no. 5} Why do you love blogging? I used to be a stuffer.  I have learned I love to share about myself.  I also love to get to know others and have found many women blogging who are so awesome.  My reason I started to blog was I wanted somewhere where I can post my photos and tell what is going on in my life, something for my boys to have forever.  It was during a health issue concern.   Cancer was a possibility and I was so grateful it ended up not being cancer.


Oh Dear Me!!!

Oh My Goodness!  Yesterday I felt like this.

Not once, but three times.

Once, while I was driving on the interstate.
I used my turn signal to move to another lane.
Three exit ramps later...
I noticed my signal was still on.
Okay, I will admit, it was down pouring during this time.
It was difficult to see.

The second time was after work when I stopped at the store 
to pick up Rotisserie Chicken for dinner.
I forgot to put out the chicken to thaw for dinner.
I ended up picking up a few items.
After paying I left the store and wandered aimlessly 
while it rained because I could not remember where I parked my car.

After I placed my groceries in the trunk of the car it hit me.
I forgot to pick up the Rotisserie Chicken.

Yes, I definitely had one of those days.
Shh... it can be our secrete right???


Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Happy List

 Come join in on the fun and post your HAPPY LIST over at Art@Home. Ricki Jill host every Tuesday now.
 photo ArtatHomeButton_zps18898da7.jpg

I am HAPPY for Roku.  Todd picked one up a couple of weeks ago and we have been watching Netflix on our television.  For those who do not know what Roku is, like myself before he purchased one, it makes a television internet streaming capable.  We had an older flat screen which was not capable.

I am HAPPY Netflix has the first four seasons of Sons of Anarchy available as instant play.

We have watched all four seasons, now we have to make up our mind...Do we want to pay about $25 to watch season five on Amazon or wait for the season to be released shortly before the new season begins?  It is a tough one.

I am HAPPY Todd took this weekend off.  We have plans to go out with a friend, we are still trying to figure out what we are going to do.  She is scheduled to work that night, 11 pm.  Saturday we ended up going out with a few of this co-workers for dinner.  It was a lot of fun and it makes me HAPPY doing things with others.

Mid-term grades came home last week.  HAPPY HAPPY HAPPY, Ethan is not failing English.  First time since seventh grade I have not had to argue with him about doing his homework.  I am very HAPPY with his new girlfriend for inspiring him to complete his homework and turn it in.  Funny, his mother has been telling him to do this for years, it takes a younger female to convince him he should actually follow through.  Either way, I will take it.


Sunday, January 27, 2013

Sunday's Song

I thought about posting this song last Sunday in honor of Susanna Hoff's birthday.  Instead I will post this Sunday.  Enjoy!


Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Happy List

 photo ArtatHomeButton_zps18898da7.jpg

My Happy List will be short this week.  It is not due to the fact I am no happy.  I AM very stressed, however I can find some HAPPY!  Everyone should!  My Happy List has a new home.  Ricki Jill from Art@Home will now be hosting.  Come join the fun. 

I am HAPPY for colored socks.

It has been so long since I have had any color but white socks and maybe two black trouser socks.  I decided two weeks ago to go out and purchase some with my unspent Christmas/Birthday money.  I am so glad I did.  I do not know what it is but the colored socks just make me HAPPY.  My favorite is my denim blue pair.

Spending the weekend with my family makes me HAPPY especially if it is a weekend Todd does not have to work.  Sunday we went to Williamsburg to the Tanger Outlet.  I have never been there and now, I know I will go back.  I ended up picking up some Christmas gifts for Taj next year.  HAPPY HAPPY HAPPY.  We found some great bargins on a few things we picked up. My favorite is Todd's Cubs hat for only $1.  HAPPY HAPPY HAPPY!

Monday I spent the day with just Ethan and Noah.  Quality time with my younger two.  HAPPY HAPPY HAPPY.  We played several board games and had a good time.

What are you HAPPY about?  


Monday, January 21, 2013

In HIS Hands

Some very heavy stuff is coming down on me at work.  I mean heavy.  I am actually fearing that I will be losing my job, for something I have not done.  I have been praying a lot this weekend.  Praying I will not lose it until I find another.  In some ways, I wish I never stood up for myself the way I have been treated other ways I do not.

I lost a job before, once again unfairly that I had no doing.  I prayed and prayed then too.  I feel even when we have bad times, God has a plan.  It may not be pleasant during the bad time but there is a plan and we do have free will.  I believe God's plan then was for me to try here in Iowa City and be with Todd.

Now, I have no idea what his plan would be.  I just pray he lets me have a job.  I have not shared this with my Mom.  I share everything.  I do not want her to worry.  This morning, like five minutes ago, the statement in the paragraph I typed above this one, hit me.  It was God's plan for me to be here in Iowa City and if I had that job in Des Moines, I may have hesitated.  I am going to have to turn this worry to God.  Let HIM take care of it.  HE has a plan, again, I am not sure what.

Prior to starting this post, I opened an email from my Mom.

The subject is: To all my friends and loved one. (She only sent it to me and my niece.)  

   Hope and pray all is well for you today.

Do you ever think God talks to you?  I do.  I believe he just answered my prayer through my Mom's email.  Turning my worries over to him is exactly what I need to do.


Sunday, January 20, 2013

Sunday's Song

In one week we have watched two seasons of Sons of Anarchy.   I am even dreaming of the show, so the song is constantly in my head.  Enjoy!


Friday, January 18, 2013

Friday Confessional


I confess...

This week has been a great week.  However, I did hear back from my interview and did not get the job.  Yeah, it was disappointing for about 15 minutes but then I realized it must not be God's plan and looked at the bright side, the hours were not really what I wanted.  I basically just wanted to start too high for them.

I confess...

I will not stop looking.  I will find something new.

I confess...

I did not get all my crafting done as planned.  I did finish one entire votive holder and three of the four canvas are done.

I confess...

Tuesday I just hung out with Todd.  It was our special day.  If you want to read about it, click here.

I confess..

I made some new meals.  Meatloaf Muffins on Tuesday. 

 Wednesday I made The Pioneer Woman's Sour Cream Noodle but lightened it up some.  Click here for the recipe.

I also made Amish Country Bread. Click here for the recipe.

I confess...

I also had the pleasure to pick up Taj on Wednesday and Thursday from the day care.  I loved how he ran to me with his arms spread out yelling "Nana, Nana!"  Yes, this kid can make my heart sing.

I confess...

I also had a wonderful night with my boys on Tuesday night.

Life is just going here.  What do you have to confess about?  Come join the fun at High-Heeled Love with Aubrey.


Thursday, January 17, 2013

Eight Years With My Prince Charming

As you may have noticed, I missed my Happy List on Tuesday.  Well, that was because my husband ended up taking the day off and spending it with me.  I am still on a mini vacation through today.  Tuesday, January 15th was the anniversary date of our first date.  Yes, it was eight years ago when I finally met the man of my dreams.  We had been conversing via Internet for two weeks prior.  We met on a dating website and at first just emailed back and forth to one another. We were so in tune with one another.  I told someone I worked with that I can not wait to run home to see his email.  I felt like a giddy little girl waiting for a school note.  When I arrived home and opened my email account, his email mentioned how he felt like he was in grade school passing notes, Do you like me? Check yes or no.  I just had to laugh.  He felt the same way I did.  We then set the date to meet.  I remember being so nervous.  What if he did not like what he sees in real life? I remember rushing to the store after I got off work to buy a blouse to wear on the date.  I remember asking the boys if they liked my different hair styles at least three times.  Finally, the oldest said, "Calm down.  You look beautiful.  Any guy would be lucky to be seen with you."  Yes, I have wonderful boys.  The youngest (barely four at the time) said, "Mommy you look boooo tee full."  Each boy came up to me and hugged me.  We had been through a lot my four and I.

Our first date was THE perfect date.  God definitely gave me a sign during this date that Todd was THE one for me.  We celebrate this date every year because we both thought it was the perfect first date.  It is also when we both fell in love with one another.  What a great reason to celebrate.  We do not take our love for granted, we both have been in bad marriages prior and gave it the good ol' try.

We first started our celebration on Sunday because Todd had to work and Noah had a choir concert on Tuesday night.  We went to our favorite lunch spot.  Three Samaria.  It is an excellent Asian restaurant.  This place has the best vegetable dumplings.  We always order them, you need to order it as soon as you sit down before the rest of your order because it takes a while to make.  They are made fresh to order and worth the wait.  The sushi is outstanding there and I love their Bento Box meals.  When we dine there for dinner we usually reserve the grill, so we can experience the cooking show along with the wonderful food.

Tuesday, the 15th came and two hours after Todd started, he called and asked me what did I think about spending the day with him.  I loved the idea.  We actually were unable to do a whole lot because I did have to pick up Joshua and Matthew for Noah's concert that night.  We ended up going to lunch at Buffalo Wild Wings, nothing fancy since we had our fancy meal on Sunday.  Then we drove home and watched four episodes of Sons of Anarchy a new series we are beginning to enjoy.

I made a new dinner that night, mini meatloaf.  I found the idea on Pinterest.

Recipe to follow in a few days.

I enjoyed the evening with all four of my boys.  It was so delightful to see them ALL interact with one another and laughing.  The older two have been at odds with one another.  Ethan has been at odds with Matthew for a few years.  This night they all were close once again. Enjoying one another.
 Noah is in the back, fifth one on the right.  He just happened to look up when I took this photo.

Noah did an outstanding job.  The concert that night was long but good.  Noah was thrilled that all three of his brothers made it to his concert as well as his mother.  He told me it made him feel special. He also told me he was sorry for ruining my "first date anniversary".  I told him he did no such thing.  Todd and I were able to celebrate and it is just as important to me to celebrate my son.  He had no input on the date and I had the best January 15th I could ever have.  My night ended with a kiss from each of my boys and then more Sons of Anarchy with my sweetheart.


Wednesday, January 16, 2013

My Fascination With The Amish

I have always been fascinated with the Amish lifestyle.  Seriously every since I was a young child. I think it may have been several factors, the love of Holly Hobbie dolls

I had all here but Granny Hobbie.  However, I did have the three next to her.  To the right of Granny it's Carrie, Amy, and then Holly Hobbie.  I also had Heather not pictured.

I also loved Little House On The Prairie, both books and television show.  
I wanted to be Laura in the worst way.

When we went to visit my Great Grandma Rich, we would drive through Kolona, Iowa.  This is a small little town where Amish and Mennonites live.  I remember a few occasions where we would pass the horse and buggy.   Amish quilts in my opinion are such beauty.  My first adult job, the company I worked for bought a huge Amish quilt to hang in the lobby of the building.  I loved working at the receptionist desk where I could bask in the beauty of the quilt.

I love the closeness they have with one another. How the community works together.  I love how they are pure and closeness to God.  I love how simple life means so much to them.  I envy that in some ways.  I wish we had closeness in our family as well as the community.  I do love my modern world items though, so I am an Englisher but I think we all could take time to smell the roses and learn from the Amish.  Simple Life has it's rewards.


Sunday, January 13, 2013

Sunday's Song

I do not know why but this popped into my mind for some reason.  I was just a child when this first came out.  Maybe it came into my mind because I was thinking about the 15th, how it will be the anniversary of Todd's and my first date.  Eight years ago was the first time I ever saw his face.  I am so thankful or relationship turned out the way it has.  Enjoy!


Saturday, January 12, 2013

2013 To Do List

I am a little behind posting my "TO DO LIST" for 2013.  I do not believe in New Year's resolutions.  I make a list I want to accomplish.  Here it is.

I never finished my room make overs due to some money issues.  They have been taken care of, now it is time to finish.

Make Over
  • Complete Kitchen except for the new counter tops.  It will be long while before this is done.
  • Complete the Main Living Room
  • Complete the Small Living Room
  • Complete the Main Bathroom
  • Ethan's Bedroom
  • Noah's Bedroom

Well it is taking longer than I had hoped but this is the year I will have everything caught up.  It looks like within the first 3 months too.

  • Credit Card A paid off
  • Credit Card B paid off
  • Hospital Bill
  • Combine Auto Insurance
  • Combine Banking Accounts

I need to keep working on being a healthier me.  I dropped only one size last year and actually did not try that hard. This year I am going to try every month.

  • Goal is to drop 2 clothing sizes.

Last year my goal was to only read 3 books.  Sadly, I did not even met this goal.  My goal is to read at least 1 book per month. With my new Nook, I will be able to do this. I have already finished 7 books so far and the month is not even over.  The books are small only up to 85 pages.  I found a first in a series for only 99 cents and now I want to finish the entire series.


  • Make new bird feeders
  • Make my new flower garden
  • Make my new bird bath
  • Keep up with the veggies by canning and freezing.


Friday, January 11, 2013

Friday Confessional


It is that time of week again... CONFESSION time. 

I confess...

I love this color on me. 

I am trying a new brand and hope it does not fade as fast. It is truly a shame that I was not born with this color.

I confess...

Typically my husband NEVER notices when I change the color of my hair. Usually I ask him if he likes it. Once my son asked me four days after if I colored it and I said yes, Todd then looked at me real quick with an "Oh Shit" look then spoke up saying he meant to tell me he liked it too. I just laughed. This time I thought I would do something different and posted my facebook status. "Hello medium auburn! It's such a shame you are not natural." After my husband came home from work, about three hours later, he was on facebook reading his feed and turns around quickly and with a smile, "Hey you colored your hair. It looks nice." I laughed seeing he just read my post and called him on it. We both think it is funny. He is lucky I do not hold things like that against him. Ha ha ha

I confess...

I am looking forward to next week. I have to work on Monday (unfortunately, I tried to take it off so I can spend the day with my husband to celebrate an anniversary we have the next day when he has to work) but I have Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday off. Go back on Friday to work then the following Monday our office is closed.

I confess...

I will be crafting and painting on my days off. I am so excited for this! I am going to have all four of the canvas paintings for my son's room completed and a few gifts I want to complete, possibly some new Christmas decorations for next year. It will be nice to be in the house all by myself too. After I complete my activities, I do plan to post about it. 

Would you like to play too???  Come join in on the fun at High-Heeled Love.  Aubrey is hosting this week.


Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Happy List


Hello Everyone!  Here is my Happy List this week.  If you want to play along, please come join in at High-Heeled Love, where Aubrey is hosting the party.

1.  Very HAPPY with the way my weekend went.  I was able to sleep in as late as I wanted.  I did not sleep very long but I woke up to no alarm.  I was able to complete 3 books on my NOOK.  They are not very long books about 80 pages, but I started this series and now would like to finish it.  HAPPY I am reading once again.  It has been so long.  I can not wait to have my eyes checked and get my new glasses in about two weeks then I will be able to read J.K. Rowling's The Casual Vacancy, a book Joshua gave me for my birthday.  HAPPY
2.  My husband took me to a movie Sunday night. HAPPY HAPPY HAPPY.  We saw, Django Unchained.  It was rather good, in the same fashion as Inglorious Basterds.  There was a lot of gore, typical Quentin Tarantino film, but I love the odd humor in it.  Jamie Fox, Leonardo DiCaprio, Samuel L. Jackson, and Christoph Waltz, great acting.  I would give this movie two thumbs up.

3.  Yesterday I was able to beat Todd home.  Typically he will beat me home when he picks up Taj from the day care and Taj will meet me at the top of the stairs and giggle as I walk up them.  This time I was in the kitchen starting dinner.  I could hear his little feet pitter patter across the floor as fast as they would take him.  I turned and with his arms spread wide he says, "Hiiiiiiii!" in the most angelic voice.  I just loved it. HAPPY.
4.  My husband makes me HAPPY how he will still open doors for me.  He also makes me HAPPY how he will randomly tell me he loves me and tells me I am beautiful.
5.  HAPPY HAPPY HAPPY, how my hair turned out.  I love me with medium auburn color.

My list may be short but I am truly HAPPY.  What do you have to be HAPPY about?


Sunday, January 6, 2013

Sunday's Song

Just where I am right now.  Very humble and thankful for everything he has gone through and done.  Enjoy!


He Loves Me