Saturday, January 12, 2013

2013 To Do List

I am a little behind posting my "TO DO LIST" for 2013.  I do not believe in New Year's resolutions.  I make a list I want to accomplish.  Here it is.

I never finished my room make overs due to some money issues.  They have been taken care of, now it is time to finish.

Make Over
  • Complete Kitchen except for the new counter tops.  It will be long while before this is done.
  • Complete the Main Living Room
  • Complete the Small Living Room
  • Complete the Main Bathroom
  • Ethan's Bedroom
  • Noah's Bedroom

Well it is taking longer than I had hoped but this is the year I will have everything caught up.  It looks like within the first 3 months too.

  • Credit Card A paid off
  • Credit Card B paid off
  • Hospital Bill
  • Combine Auto Insurance
  • Combine Banking Accounts

I need to keep working on being a healthier me.  I dropped only one size last year and actually did not try that hard. This year I am going to try every month.

  • Goal is to drop 2 clothing sizes.

Last year my goal was to only read 3 books.  Sadly, I did not even met this goal.  My goal is to read at least 1 book per month. With my new Nook, I will be able to do this. I have already finished 7 books so far and the month is not even over.  The books are small only up to 85 pages.  I found a first in a series for only 99 cents and now I want to finish the entire series.


  • Make new bird feeders
  • Make my new flower garden
  • Make my new bird bath
  • Keep up with the veggies by canning and freezing.


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