Thursday, January 17, 2013

Eight Years With My Prince Charming

As you may have noticed, I missed my Happy List on Tuesday.  Well, that was because my husband ended up taking the day off and spending it with me.  I am still on a mini vacation through today.  Tuesday, January 15th was the anniversary date of our first date.  Yes, it was eight years ago when I finally met the man of my dreams.  We had been conversing via Internet for two weeks prior.  We met on a dating website and at first just emailed back and forth to one another. We were so in tune with one another.  I told someone I worked with that I can not wait to run home to see his email.  I felt like a giddy little girl waiting for a school note.  When I arrived home and opened my email account, his email mentioned how he felt like he was in grade school passing notes, Do you like me? Check yes or no.  I just had to laugh.  He felt the same way I did.  We then set the date to meet.  I remember being so nervous.  What if he did not like what he sees in real life? I remember rushing to the store after I got off work to buy a blouse to wear on the date.  I remember asking the boys if they liked my different hair styles at least three times.  Finally, the oldest said, "Calm down.  You look beautiful.  Any guy would be lucky to be seen with you."  Yes, I have wonderful boys.  The youngest (barely four at the time) said, "Mommy you look boooo tee full."  Each boy came up to me and hugged me.  We had been through a lot my four and I.

Our first date was THE perfect date.  God definitely gave me a sign during this date that Todd was THE one for me.  We celebrate this date every year because we both thought it was the perfect first date.  It is also when we both fell in love with one another.  What a great reason to celebrate.  We do not take our love for granted, we both have been in bad marriages prior and gave it the good ol' try.

We first started our celebration on Sunday because Todd had to work and Noah had a choir concert on Tuesday night.  We went to our favorite lunch spot.  Three Samaria.  It is an excellent Asian restaurant.  This place has the best vegetable dumplings.  We always order them, you need to order it as soon as you sit down before the rest of your order because it takes a while to make.  They are made fresh to order and worth the wait.  The sushi is outstanding there and I love their Bento Box meals.  When we dine there for dinner we usually reserve the grill, so we can experience the cooking show along with the wonderful food.

Tuesday, the 15th came and two hours after Todd started, he called and asked me what did I think about spending the day with him.  I loved the idea.  We actually were unable to do a whole lot because I did have to pick up Joshua and Matthew for Noah's concert that night.  We ended up going to lunch at Buffalo Wild Wings, nothing fancy since we had our fancy meal on Sunday.  Then we drove home and watched four episodes of Sons of Anarchy a new series we are beginning to enjoy.

I made a new dinner that night, mini meatloaf.  I found the idea on Pinterest.

Recipe to follow in a few days.

I enjoyed the evening with all four of my boys.  It was so delightful to see them ALL interact with one another and laughing.  The older two have been at odds with one another.  Ethan has been at odds with Matthew for a few years.  This night they all were close once again. Enjoying one another.
 Noah is in the back, fifth one on the right.  He just happened to look up when I took this photo.

Noah did an outstanding job.  The concert that night was long but good.  Noah was thrilled that all three of his brothers made it to his concert as well as his mother.  He told me it made him feel special. He also told me he was sorry for ruining my "first date anniversary".  I told him he did no such thing.  Todd and I were able to celebrate and it is just as important to me to celebrate my son.  He had no input on the date and I had the best January 15th I could ever have.  My night ended with a kiss from each of my boys and then more Sons of Anarchy with my sweetheart.



  1. :D What a sweet post, and I think that we can give you a pass for not writing a My Happy List post.....what a great excuse....first date anniversary! So cute!!!

    Congrats, and thanks for sharing this adorable story with us!!!


  2. Aw.. Congratulations! It sounds like a wonderful time was had by all. And who can resist ending with "Sons of Anarchy??" Love it. :) Yay you.

  3. Congratulations! Sounds like you had some special time together.


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