Friday, January 11, 2013

Friday Confessional


It is that time of week again... CONFESSION time. 

I confess...

I love this color on me. 

I am trying a new brand and hope it does not fade as fast. It is truly a shame that I was not born with this color.

I confess...

Typically my husband NEVER notices when I change the color of my hair. Usually I ask him if he likes it. Once my son asked me four days after if I colored it and I said yes, Todd then looked at me real quick with an "Oh Shit" look then spoke up saying he meant to tell me he liked it too. I just laughed. This time I thought I would do something different and posted my facebook status. "Hello medium auburn! It's such a shame you are not natural." After my husband came home from work, about three hours later, he was on facebook reading his feed and turns around quickly and with a smile, "Hey you colored your hair. It looks nice." I laughed seeing he just read my post and called him on it. We both think it is funny. He is lucky I do not hold things like that against him. Ha ha ha

I confess...

I am looking forward to next week. I have to work on Monday (unfortunately, I tried to take it off so I can spend the day with my husband to celebrate an anniversary we have the next day when he has to work) but I have Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday off. Go back on Friday to work then the following Monday our office is closed.

I confess...

I will be crafting and painting on my days off. I am so excited for this! I am going to have all four of the canvas paintings for my son's room completed and a few gifts I want to complete, possibly some new Christmas decorations for next year. It will be nice to be in the house all by myself too. After I complete my activities, I do plan to post about it. 

Would you like to play too???  Come join in on the fun at High-Heeled Love.  Aubrey is hosting this week.



  1. i want to see new hair color bet it beautiful

  2. I ordered new glasses online and when I was picking them out my boyfriend was looking over my shoulder voicing his disapproval of the new frames. When they got here and I had them on he didn't even notice I was wearing them. Thankfully I didn't take his advice! lol

  3. Happy Anniversary! Hope you enjoy your days off next week!!

  4. It's always nice when new hair color works out so well. I have plans to color mine this weekend.

    Enjoy those days off. I'm a wee bit jealous.

    Thanks for linking up for Friday Confessional. Have a fabulous weekend.

  5. Happy anniversary! I think the color looks good. I'm not a girl for maintenance, so I'm just letting my go natural. The gray isn't bothering me so far...


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