Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Happy List

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My Happy List will be short this week.  It is not due to the fact I am no happy.  I AM very stressed, however I can find some HAPPY!  Everyone should!  My Happy List has a new home.  Ricki Jill from Art@Home will now be hosting.  Come join the fun. 

I am HAPPY for colored socks.

It has been so long since I have had any color but white socks and maybe two black trouser socks.  I decided two weeks ago to go out and purchase some with my unspent Christmas/Birthday money.  I am so glad I did.  I do not know what it is but the colored socks just make me HAPPY.  My favorite is my denim blue pair.

Spending the weekend with my family makes me HAPPY especially if it is a weekend Todd does not have to work.  Sunday we went to Williamsburg to the Tanger Outlet.  I have never been there and now, I know I will go back.  I ended up picking up some Christmas gifts for Taj next year.  HAPPY HAPPY HAPPY.  We found some great bargins on a few things we picked up. My favorite is Todd's Cubs hat for only $1.  HAPPY HAPPY HAPPY!

Monday I spent the day with just Ethan and Noah.  Quality time with my younger two.  HAPPY HAPPY HAPPY.  We played several board games and had a good time.

What are you HAPPY about?  



  1. i'm happy for the warm afternoons we are having

  2. This is a great Happy List, and I have this thing about socks because my feet always get cold. I like the denim ones, too.

    I think that Happy Lists are the most important to focus on when we're stressed or worried. I'm so happy you linked-up!


  3. YAY for new socks!!

    You've got to find the happy wherever you can get it.

  4. I'm just happy being around my kids lately. No special reason other than that. Love the socks!

  5. I love the Tanger Outlet Mall :) My sister use to manage Nine West there. May have to stop on my way to Coralville next time!


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