Monday, January 21, 2013

In HIS Hands

Some very heavy stuff is coming down on me at work.  I mean heavy.  I am actually fearing that I will be losing my job, for something I have not done.  I have been praying a lot this weekend.  Praying I will not lose it until I find another.  In some ways, I wish I never stood up for myself the way I have been treated other ways I do not.

I lost a job before, once again unfairly that I had no doing.  I prayed and prayed then too.  I feel even when we have bad times, God has a plan.  It may not be pleasant during the bad time but there is a plan and we do have free will.  I believe God's plan then was for me to try here in Iowa City and be with Todd.

Now, I have no idea what his plan would be.  I just pray he lets me have a job.  I have not shared this with my Mom.  I share everything.  I do not want her to worry.  This morning, like five minutes ago, the statement in the paragraph I typed above this one, hit me.  It was God's plan for me to be here in Iowa City and if I had that job in Des Moines, I may have hesitated.  I am going to have to turn this worry to God.  Let HIM take care of it.  HE has a plan, again, I am not sure what.

Prior to starting this post, I opened an email from my Mom.

The subject is: To all my friends and loved one. (She only sent it to me and my niece.)  

   Hope and pray all is well for you today.

Do you ever think God talks to you?  I do.  I believe he just answered my prayer through my Mom's email.  Turning my worries over to him is exactly what I need to do.



  1. Sometimes it's hard to cast all of our worries onto God, but that's what he expects us to do. God will answer your prayers, and I do think that God speaks to us through others all the time!


  2. I will be praying for you as well, and yes, I believe and know that God speaks to us, every day in every way, we just need to be still and listen, pay attention and be mindful. I give EVERYTHING to God, big, small, anything and everything, in fact He's the first person I tell about what's going on, good and bad, more bad some times but I'm working on that.. Imagine if the only times your kids talked to you was when their life was going crappy.. I don't suppose it would feel the greatest. Hang in there and trust Him, He most def always has a plan. :)

  3. I definitely believe God talks to us, if we will only listen. I'll keep you in my prayers.


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