Wednesday, January 16, 2013

My Fascination With The Amish

I have always been fascinated with the Amish lifestyle.  Seriously every since I was a young child. I think it may have been several factors, the love of Holly Hobbie dolls

I had all here but Granny Hobbie.  However, I did have the three next to her.  To the right of Granny it's Carrie, Amy, and then Holly Hobbie.  I also had Heather not pictured.

I also loved Little House On The Prairie, both books and television show.  
I wanted to be Laura in the worst way.

When we went to visit my Great Grandma Rich, we would drive through Kolona, Iowa.  This is a small little town where Amish and Mennonites live.  I remember a few occasions where we would pass the horse and buggy.   Amish quilts in my opinion are such beauty.  My first adult job, the company I worked for bought a huge Amish quilt to hang in the lobby of the building.  I loved working at the receptionist desk where I could bask in the beauty of the quilt.

I love the closeness they have with one another. How the community works together.  I love how they are pure and closeness to God.  I love how simple life means so much to them.  I envy that in some ways.  I wish we had closeness in our family as well as the community.  I do love my modern world items though, so I am an Englisher but I think we all could take time to smell the roses and learn from the Amish.  Simple Life has it's rewards.



  1. I share your admiration of the amish, several years ago at a very confusing time in my life I actually researched what it would take to join their community.

  2. Jolene, we are soul sisters. I love Holly Hobby, too!!! AND Little House was my very favorite TV show growing up.


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