Saturday, January 5, 2013

Random Ramblings

I feel sort of lost from the blog world.  I have not been a very good blog friend.  I will have to make up for it and check out past post sometime later tonight.  I have been so busy.  I also need to post my 2013 Goals for the year as well.

I sincerely have been working hard on one of them, thus my absences.  I have been working on my resume and have applied for five positions within 2 companies.  I was really surprised, I received a call from one within 2 days after my resume was submitted.  I have an interview set up next week.  Although I hate to leave the company I have been working for the past eight years, (I love the seniority and my vacation time I have built up.) I think this will be a very good move for me.  Either companies promote within and that is what I am lacking where I currently work.  My fingers are crossed for one particular job more than others.  Either way, I am going to look at this as a great opportunity even if I lose my seniority and vacation time.  I will also make sure I sign up for the supplemental life insurance as a new hire since I have been rejected during open enrollment twice now for my height/weight ratio.  A nice way of saying I am too fat.  Todd would be declined due to his height/weight ratio and diabetes, so this will be a good thing too.

I am in love with one of my gifts from Christmas, another guilt why I have not been blogging so much.  I received a NOOK for Christmas.  I love it.  It does not matter that I need stronger glasses,which has been keeping me away from reading books.  I have read five small books already in five days.  I am so enjoying my evenings before bed and if I have problems sleeping, I just whip it out and read while Todd is sleeping.  *SIGH*  What a perfect gift for me.

I need to take down what little decorations we put up for Christmas within the next two weeks.  I had planned to take it down this weekend but I went shopping today and will be playing board games with Ethan and Noah soon. Tomorrow my day is planned to work on some canvas paintings for Ethan's room, so the following weekend the decorations will come down.

Nothing else really has been going on in my little world.

If anyone has any good book suggestions, please feel free to leave a comment.  It has been so long, I am not sure what to pick up and read.  I love all types I have found. 

I will be stopping by soon and catching up with you all.  I do promise!  Have a nice weekend.


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  1. :D A Nook is a good reason to take a break from blogging. I think everyone's so busy during the holidays with family obligations that it's difficult to blog/blog jog as often.

    Good luck with the job interview process! I know you'll land your perfect job!!!



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