Thursday, January 31, 2013

Woo Hoo Random Rambling

I am so excited with some projects and new things I plan on doing as well as old that I will be bringing back.

I have decided to show peeks of the crafts I am working on and will do the tutorial once I have completed.  This will be begin sometime this weekend.  I am very excited to finish all of the snowmen votive candle holders I have been working on.  Only one is complete at this time, well nearly complete.  It still needs the clear coat sealant sprayed on it, but I plan to do that when all of the wine glasses have been painted.

I plan on participating with Art@Home Literary Friday. I have never posted a blog about a book I have read. I do not want to give too much away, yet not enough either so I am a little nervous about it. I have seven books I need to blog about that I have read this month. They are not large books but I enjoyed them very much. Ricki Jill is very good at her book post and I fear I will not come near her quality at all but I want to share what I am reading. I am so excited I am reading once again.

I also plan to begin to post every Wednesday a Weigh In Wednesday to hold myself accountable for my weight loss. I need to be a little more serious with this. I have on my "2013 To Do List" to lose two clothing sizes. It was on my list last year and I only exceeded one size smaller. I did not even try hard, this year I will focus on it. I plan to post partial weight but I am too ashamed at this time to post the entire weight, who knows some day when I lose enough I might end up posting the entire amount and you all can do the math, will know where I started, however at first it will be 2xx for now.

Another new change I plan to aid in meeting all my "2013 To Do List" is to post at the beginning of the month, my monthly goals/to do and at the end of the month if I met them. Another way to hold myself accountable.

I am in hopes to have our printer/scanner fixed where I can begin to scan old photos once again and bring back my "Flashback Friday" post. I definitely will be posting past memories. I want to bring it back since this was part of why I started this blog. A place for my children to go to find my memories and what my/our life was like. I still want to keep participating with all my parties and join in all the fun. I do not plan to change that one bit. I love my blog friends and this world.  


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  1. YAY!!! I can't wait to see everything and read everything! I'm excited!! :D


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