Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Happy List

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This week's HAPPY...

FIRST...HAPPY HAPPY HAPPY!!! My niece had her baby.  I am a new great aunt once again. 
Little Emma was born Friday, February 1.  7 lbs 10 oz, 19 3/4 inches long.

I now have two great nieces and two great nephews.  My sister is so lucky to be a grandmother of four.  Two of each.  Emma is healthy and my niece Julie is doing wonderful.  She was anxious to go home for her Ashton to be with his new little sister.

I am HAPPY I have today off.  I have a possible opportunity and hopefully (been praying) it will come through.  I also have plans to go to Davenport with Todd to visit with his Mom and have lunch.

HAPPY, I had my oil changed on Saturday.  However, the Wal-Mart automotive in Coralville, Iowa are big douche bags.  I ended up calling in the next day speaking to one of the Store Managers because of the cocky supervisor.  NEVER have I been treated so disrespectfully as then.  However, my car is HAPPY with new oil.

HAPPY my request for Thursday to have vacation was approved as well.  I think going to the University with my Dad will be good.

HAPPY I plan on going to Des Moines next Saturday to visit my Mom and Dad.  I plan to make this trip once a week now until things become worse for my Dad, then it will be weekly.  I pray the gas will not keep rising because it may be a hinder.

HAPPY I posted my sneak peak of the Snowman Votive Candle Holder.

HAPPY my Christmas Tree is down.  LOL  One thing crossed off my goals for this month.

What are you HAPPY about?  Come join in on the fun.



  1. Congratulations! She is absolutely beautiful. :) And yay you that your vacation was approved. :) And I'm happy you posted snowmen candle holders too! - I'm praying for your dad and for you and your "opportunity." - Lots to be happy about, huh? Your happy list makes my happy list. :)

  2. Congrats, Auntie! :D What a little angel. So much to be happy about in this post! With all the travel coming up, it's a good thing you got your car all ready to go.

    I'll pray about your opportunity...I hope everything works out as it should!

    Thanks so much for linking-up!


  3. Thank you MiMi. Babies are wonderful. Thanks for the prayers.

  4. congratulation on the new baby in the family

  5. What a beautiful baby! Congratulations! You have lots to be happy about - so glad for you. I'm a new follower!


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