Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Happy List

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Oh, I have so much to be HAPPY about this past weekend.  Happy List is now hosted by Ricki Jill at Art@Home

Saturday was great! HAPPY HAPPY HAPPY.  I went to Des Moines with three of the four boys.  Matthew had to work.  I think it is the first time in the eight years I did not have to drive in rain storm or snow storm, nor did I have to rush out and try to beat a storm.  However, according to my friends in Des Moines on Facebook a good thunderstorm came through about five hours later.  HAPPY HAPPY HAPPY.

I enjoyed my time at my Mom's on Saturday.  She finally has her house they way she wanted, the basement is finished for the kids to run around and be a kid and the older people can sit upstairs and talk with one another.  HAPPY HAPPY, boy did they scream.  (SMILE)  I took a picture of my three younger nieces.  They are so adorable.

My sister's girls: Kaylee and Lexie crack me up.  They have such an imagination, this time Lexie made socks for herself.  Noah's socks were basically ruined from running around downstairs and Lexie did not want her socks to have several holes, so she made socks for herself.  HAPPY to see children use their imagination.

Joshua was tired.  He is my party child right now.  His first year out of the house, on his own and I am sure he was up very late on Friday night.  He fell asleep later in the afternoon and little brother Noah played a joke on him.

This made everyone laugh and laugh.  My Dad was taking pictures with his cell phone.  I took several pictures and Kaylee took pictures with her Kindle Fire.
I love how Ethan wanted to have his picture next to him, even though he had no input in the prank at all.
Near the end of nearly a dozen photos and all of us laughing, Noah wanted his picture taken too since he played the prank on big brother.  Joshua at the time of this photo, said, "Ha ha guys.  I am awake."  I just asked if he has been awake the entire time, he commented back yes, so then I mentioned something about the fact he has a can on his head.  He then pulled the hat off and said what?  He had no clue.  After I posted the pictures to Facebook, he made the one with him alone his profile picture.  He thought it was great what they did to him.  We all did too. HAPPY HAPPY HAPPY

Sunday was great too!  I watched Taj and we had a good time.  I loved when he found Todd's hat, he went over to the mirror and stood in front of it for nearly 15 minutes repeating: "Papa's hat" and pointing to Papa's hat which was on Taj's head.  Once in awhile he would take the hat off and then place it back on his head.  If the hat ended up sideways or backwards, he would yell, "YO!"  Awh, this kid makes me HAPPY and he cracks me up.

Walking Dead started airing new episodes again on Sunday.  They had a two month hiatus.  Our house was very HAPPY it is now showing.  We typically have Emily and Joshua over and we all watch it together.  Unfortunately, Joshua had to work.  Emily came over early and they played 'The Walking Dead' game we picked u for the family for Christmas.

They enjoyed playing the hour before the show started, however Taj did not enjoy it because he had problems with not walking in front of the game system and not being able to jump on Papa whenever he wanted.

All in all it was a great weekend.  HAPPY HAPPY HAPPY What are you HAPPY about?  Come join in on the fun.



  1. Yay for a safe trip and laughs with family. You're nieces are beautiful girls.

    I've never watch Walking Dead, but with as much hype as it's getting in my blogosphere, I may have to check it out.

    Have a great day!

  2. Awe, such cute kiddos! That's nice that she has the house she wants now.

    And YAY, Walking Dead!

  3. My mother recently had her house redone, so it's exactly the way she wants it. It's amazing how much happier she is now. Wish we had a basement to let the munchkins play in. No such luck here though!!
    Your grandson is adorable!

  4. LOVE the photos of your nieces and of course Taj. Such little cuties! So happy you had a great trip. I know it's difficult traveling this time of year. YAY for easy, fun trips!

    This is such a great happy list. I love reading about families who enjoy one another's company. So sweet.

    Thanks for linking-up!


  5. Family times are just the best! Thanks for sharing your happy!


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