Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Happy List

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I think it is a great idea to make a Happy List every week.  Everyone should find something good even if life seems to be throwing lemons.  Me, this week so far, I am not just getting lemons and I am perfectly fine with it.  Come join in on the fun.  Ricki Jill is hosting the party at Art@Home.

This past weekend made me HAPPY.  It was low key but I needed low key.  I am so HAPPY our cat, Cali has been shaved.  The poor thing hates to be brushed and is a long hair cat.  Today, she looks sort of like a lion.  We did not touch her face or her tail.  Her tail is her pride and joy.  She actually looks like she is wearing socks.  She is our prettier cat but right now, she looks funny.  It was a chore to get her shaved. She hated it and it took both Todd and I to do it.  The muscles in my back, arms, and thighs are sore from it.  With all the hissing and growling she did, I believe she is happier with all the knots off her because she rubbed up against us after it was completed.  HAPPY HAPPY HAPPY, one cleaner cat now.

Okay, the next thing I am not thrilled with but I am HAPPY we have two less mice in our house.  Today the traps are empty.  I would love for it to be only the two but I am no fool.

HAPPY that Todd's Mom got a room for us at the Isle of Capri next Saturday.  It will probably be our last time of a free get away.  His Mom is going to the casino less and will not have the complimentary rooms any longer.  I am thrilled she has treated Todd and I to the rooms and dinners with her complimentary card over the years.  She has no idea how refreshing those weekends have been.  HAPPY this one is coming at the right time.  We will be either celebrating or needing the pick me up that weekend.  I will hear at the end of this week about one of the opportunities I have tried for.  *fingers crossed*

HAPPY I had my eyes examined last week.  Todd had his done too yesterday and he chose similar frames which is funny.  I can not wait to get my new glasses.  To be able to see clearly again is so exciting.  I have needed new glasses now for nearly nine months.  I am so HAPPY now it is just a matter of a week.

Well, I know my list is short, but that is all I have at this time.  What are you HAPPY about?

Oh on a side note, I am not HAPPY about my doctor appointment this Friday.  My own fault for waiting six years from the last one.  I just know he is going to lecture me but I am looking forward to the beginning of being healthier.



  1. We need to get one of our cats shaved too. Poor thing has really thick fur and just isn't a fan of being brushed all that much. Not looking forward to it.
    Enjoy your weekend away. Hope you get the news you want and are celebrating!!!

  2. I have a high maintenance dog in need of grooming right now but I hate to do it in the middle of winter with it being so cold. She doesn't like to be brushed either so every time she gets in the snow her hair - she doesn't have fur - gets matted. Bleh. So much easier in the spring and summer with a puppy cut! - Omg.. When we lived in the country and the fields would get cut we had all kinds of little critters running for safety in our home and mice were the easiest to get rid of! I just kept everything in glass and set traps. There's really not much else you can do. - Six years since your last dr. appt?? I'd give you a lecture myself if I wasn't guilty of that in the past but since my cancer, I'm on it. Paper cut, I'm in. Stubbed my toe, I'm in! Lol.. Okay maybe not that bad but I am regular. Prayers for a good check up and for your "opportunity." :)

  3. How cute! Y'all have matching glasses..... :D
    I hope you have some wonderful news to celebrate at the casino. Keep us posted!

    You need to post a photo of your lion-kitty. I want to see the haircut!

    Thanks for linking-up, Sweetie!


  4. @MiMi... YUCK! We found one dead mouse in the hall going to the room where the litter boxes are. I am wondering if one of the cats killed it. Oh I hope so. We just have to keep laying out the traps....Yes, I deserve the lecture about the physical. I have a feeling he might tell me some bad news like diabetes but that is livable. Luckily our cats are indoors so being without hair right now will not put her in opportunity of freezing.

  5. My brother in law is a high roller and we've often gotten rooms in a beautiful hotel/casino because of his winning streak! It is a very fun get away...especially if you aren't a gambler. ;)


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