Friday, February 1, 2013

Literary Friday: Jacob's Daughter

This will be my first participation with Ricki Jill's from Art@Home Literary Friday.  January I actually read eight books.  The books were not large books and all  were in a series written by Samantha Jillian Bayarr

Jacob's Daughter is book one in a series of Amish Christian Romance books.

The books are small books, this one is only 162 pages and is a love story between Lizzie Barlow and Jacob Yoder.  The two had feelings for one another ten years prior.  Lizzie ended up running of from the Amish Community and Jacob married a woman he never loved.  She died while giving birth to their son.  The book begins with Lizzie returning to the Amish Community with her 10 year old daughter, Abby, who is just a few months older than Jacob's.  Lizzie is trying to escape danger she found in the Englischer world.  Abby was not happy being up rooted from the world she knew  and now has to live in the simple world of the Amish.  She found Jacob who was listed as her father on her birth certificate.  In order to help Lizzie and Abby, Jacob never spoke up that he was not Abby's father and married Lizzie to avoid her from being shamed and shunned from the community he also still carried his love for her.  The book introduces the reader to the Amish world, language, heritage, and values.  It is such an innocent romance between Lizzie and Jacob.  The readers have the opportunity to see how Abby adapts to the new world she is introduced.  I enjoyed the book thoroughly. I loved how the author addressed both Lizzie's and Jacob's fears and feelings, she was very expressive with their thoughts and concerns.  I wanted to just push the two together as they deserved one another.  Once I completed this book I ended up jumping right into the next book in the series. 



  1. I knew those would be good books. I always see them but I haven't bought any yet. Guess I'm going to have to give into temptation. And yes. I still buy books, real books with paper and everything! :) Thanks for sharing.

  2. This is such a popular genre right now, and I haven't read any of them yet. Have you seen Amish Mafia yet? I think it's on the Discovery Channel?

    Of the books you've read, which one would you recommend?

    Thanks so much for linking up!



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