Monday, February 18, 2013

Miscellaneous Monday

Saturday Todd and I went out for our Valentine's Day celebration.  We tried a restaurant, Orchard Green located downtown. Oh my what a treat!  We had an delicious appetizer, unfortunately I can not remember the name of it.  The appetizer was breaded eggplant, olives, dried tomatoes, balsamic vinegar and some sort of cream fondue cheese.  Mmmm... Todd's dinner was much better than mine (I had a taste.) He had Bouillabaisse.  Oh My Goodness!!!  I want to learn how to make this.  It was absolutely heavenly.  I had Tarragon Chicken.  It was good but nothing compared to Todd's.  We spent the evening holding hands while we walked and snuggled up and finished the first season of Hell On Wheels.  It was a perfect evening.

Sunday I was able to complete two of the four canvas paintings for Ethan's room.  I finished drawing the other two on canvas and all they need now is to be painted.  I did not work on the votive candles at all.  I did hang up my new curtains on the other hand and absolutely love them.  I think we are going to be getting a new love seat.  We desperately need one.  I am just going to get a slip cover for the chair and ottoman.  Now if only the cats would stay off.  They ruin the tops of our furniture from their weight of laying on the back of the furniture.

I had today off, due to the holiday.  It was Todd's day off.  We got a lot done in our room today.  We plant to de-clutter and move things around in our room to make room for a new chair.  I also had an eye exam and I am so excited for my new glasses in order to see clearly once again.  The doctor told me she could understand why I was having problems.  My prescription changed a lot.  My old prescription was way too strong.  I guess they see people who are in their forties eyes get a little better.  This is the second time I have gone where my prescription has changed because they were too strong.  Too bad I still need the bifocal, I would love to get rid of them.  


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