Monday, February 25, 2013

Poke Hole-Chocolate Pudding Cake

I tried a new dessert recipe for the family Sunday.  I found a recipe on Pinterest for a poke hole-pudding cake named: Easy Banana Pudding Cake and it inspired my recipe.  Now, my Mom has been making poke hole-jello cake for years and it is one of our favorites growing up, so I thought why not try it with the pudding.  I wanted so desperately to make the Banana Pudding Cake because Todd and I love it, however Ethan and Noah do not like banana in any form, so I modified it and made it chocolate pudding cake.  They love chocolate.

I think it was a hit.  In the pictures you will notice a row with no whip cream, yes, I have one kid who does not like whip cream either.  I know, weird huh?!  Being the great Mom I am (even for the kid who hates me right now *wink*) I made a section for him too.  Enjoy!

  • Classic Yellow Cake Mix- vegetable oil, and eggs
  • 2 packages of sugar free chocolate instant pudding mix
  • 1 small container of Whip Cream Sugar Free
  • 4 cups of milk
  • 18 wafer cookies

1.  Follow instructions on the box of the classic yellow cake mix and bake as directed.
2.  Once cake has been baked and cooled, take a wooden spoon handle and poke holes in your cake.  Make sure to poke the holes completely through the cake.
 3.  After the entire surface of the cake has been poked with holes, you will need to make your pudding.  Mix thoroughly two boxes of the sugar free chocolate instant pudding mix and 4 cups of milk.  Keep stirring until no more lumps are in the pudding and it begins to set just a little.  You need the pudding to be in a state you can pour still.
4.  Pour the pudding over the cake, make sure pudding covers every hole. Spread the pudding over the entire cake. Place your cake into the refrigerator for two hours.
5.  Two hours later, remove your cake from the refrigerator and spread the sugar free whip cream over the pudding.
6.  After the whip cream has been spread over the top of the pudding, take your wafer cookies and place them in a baggie.  Take a rolling pin and then crush the wafer cookies.  You may want to leave some pieces bigger than others for texture.
7.  Sprinkle the crushed wafer cookies on top of the whip cream.

You can garnish the top of your cake prior to serving with a couple of slices of banana. I would recommend doing this prior to serving to prevent the banana turning brown.


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