Saturday, February 23, 2013

Ramblings: No More Doctors, Sadness, Mice, Snow, and Books

It has been such a busy week.  A draining week.  I did not participate in any of my weekly parties.  I have read some friend's blogs but I was unable to comment at the time.  I read them on my Nook and I have not figured out a way to be able to type anything.  I do not think there is a way.  My laptop went down for the count but we picked up a new one.  Todd uses the main computer.  I will not have a lot of time to comment today or tomorrow due to the things I have to get done around the house, NOT fun things but things that have to be done.

I am glad the work week is over.  I hope an opportunity comes through for me soon.  I really need the change.

My Dad told me he is going to tell the doctors he is done since they all say they do not know what to do for him.  He is not going to see any more doctors until he is in pain again.  Yes, that shocked me, the again part.  He finally admitted he was in pain.  He said the chemo pills made the pain go away.  Now that he will be quitting the chemo pills he is sure eventually the pain will come back again.  He said he is just done wasting his time at the doctors and money if all they tell him is there is nothing more they can do.  I understand where he is coming from.
I do not think I am going to get all of my goals done for the month of February.  Sadness kind of over took me some this month but I know I will be fine.  It just comes with the territory from everything that is going on in my life right now.
WE HAVE A MOUSE in MY kitchen!!!  Oh, I am SO terrified of mice.  Click here and read about my other fears. We found evidence in my cupboard over my stove.  As soon as Todd comes home, we will be cleaning the cupboard and laying traps.  OH MY GOODNESS, my heart is just raising thinking about it.  My first encounter with a mouse was when I worked for Burger King back in high school.  I was filling an order for drive-thru and a mouse ran across.  I pointed and just froze up.  I have learned this is what I do when I am extremely terrified.  I never screamed, I just froze up.  My manager pried the bag out of my hand and then handed the order out the window.  As soon as all the customers left, he looked at me and busted up laughing.  He told me I looked like a cartoon character, you can see the color of white creep down my face.  My next encounter with mice would be our house in Des Moines when Ethan was a baby.  We had one in the kitchen there.  I was nursing Ethan one night and out popped one from the bottom cupboard.  I screamed to my husband then telling him to kill it.  I never used that cupboard again.  We had several in that house.  It was a constant battle.  One time one became brave and came out into the living room during the day.  My Mom was home from work.  I scooped up my babies, Ethan and Noah, jumped up on the couch and called my Mom hysterically.  She came over and killed the mouse with our broom.  I am just terrified of mice.  I hope we get rid of this problem fast and it is not on going like my old house in Des Moines.  I love my kitchen.  I do not want to hate it.

We had a lot of snow the other day.  I was afraid it was going to ruin a meeting I had yesterday, but it did not.  I have another meeting to go to on Monday.  I am a little worried about the weather for this one.  It is suppose to be a mixture.  I hate freezing rain.  We need the rain more than snow because we need the ground to take in the moisture due to the drought.  Snow is not what we need.  We did need a hard freeze to kill the bugs in the ground for next year.  Now we need rain.

I finished my book this month.  I did not read as much as I did last month but the book was a good one.  I hope I do it justice when I post about it.  Todd has been reading more too.  He needs bifocals now and will have an eye appointment on Monday.  I went last Monday.  I can not wait for my new glasses to be able to see better.  My prescription changed drastically they said.  This is the second time I have gone in, I should have went last year but I kept putting it off because I was not eligible for new frames yet; any way this is the second time the prescription has changed for the better not the worse.  Some odd reason my eyes are getting a little better.  I will take that.  I fell in love with this one pair of frames but did not get it.  It was only $6 over the $150 allowance too.  I would have only paid 80% of the $6 for my frames.  I kept putting them on.  I wanted them in the worse way, but they did not have the hinges on the frames.  I need them with Taj.  He still grabs our glasses every now and then, so I went with my second favorite which was $18 dollars over the allowance, not bad since frames can be so expensive.  I am going to try transitional lenses this time.  This way I do not have to buy sunglasses too.  I did that last time and thought, I do not need the bifocals on the sunglasses.  I was wrong!  I did not realize how much I used my bifocals even with just sunglasses... the cell phone I needed it...maps...writing checks if I ran into the gas station or even signing a slip for the gas station.

One night when had Taj, Papa was reading his book at the kitchen table as I prepared dinner.  Taj wanted me to read to him at that time as well.  I was able to read a book maybe five times to him, then I placed him in his booster chair next to Papa and told him he has to read his book now so I can finish dinner.  It was so adorable seeing him sitting next to his Papa and both of them reading the book.  It was a moment, I wished I had my camera with me.

Well, I need to be off to get the weekly chores done before we have to deal with Mice.  Tomorrow will be another unpleasant job.  Our long hair cat Cali needs to be shaved.  UGH!!!
It will be a messy job.  We are going to try to get her drunk to settle her down to do this.  Wish me luck.  ha ha.   


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