Monday, February 4, 2013

Super Bowl Sunday

My Sunday has been awesome.  I went shopping for goodies for the Super Bowl game tonight.  I wanted something special for Todd.  The past two years his fantasy football league has let him down with no Super Bowl Party.  I also took Joshua to the store and picked up new bedding for his place.  He plans to purchase a new bed in the next couple of weeks.  I am so happy he has been able to meet his bills.  I  picked up Ethan from his girlfriend's place.  I felt like a taxi during those hours.

To be perfectly honest, I am not into this football game.  I really do not favor either team, except I do enjoy the Blind Side, so I may favor the Ravens a little more.  I know a pathetic reason to pick the team. I saw this during the half time and found it so funny.

I laughed so hard at it.  It looks like the power outage gave the Forty Niners exactly what they needed...a break they definitely got back into the game after the lights came back on.

Our goodies for the game consisted of:
*BLT Dip for me.  My stomach is very sensitive from all the stress at work.  You can find the recipe in a previous post today.
*Buffalo Chicken Dip.  You can find the recipe in a previous post today.
*Buffalo Wings and Nacho Grande.  I also picked up some trail mix.
*Two Ingredient Cake.  Recipe posted earlier today.

The cake was YUMO!  Todd was very impressed with everything, especially the cake.  A very healthy cake for him with his diabetes. (My picture does not do any justice for the cake.  The light was bad.)

My two favorite commercials during the games were:




  1. Wow. Sunday was a busy day for you! I know, when you're shuffling kids around and running errands don't you just feel like you should have one of "on duty" taxi lights on top of your vehicle?? Craziness. That picture is SOOOO funny. I really did LOL! Oh and I totally forgot about that Doritos commercial with all the guys in dresses! That was great! But alas.. My favorite was Budweiser.. Just tugged at my heart.. :) I'm glad you had a good Sunday. Did the Lions win??

  2. @ Mimi... I think they may have lost. LOL


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