Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Weigh In Wednesday

I guess 2013 I am trying to hold myself more accountable in order to meet my goals.  This will also help me determined if I met my monthly goals as well.  I guess it will be a way of being more organized.  I follow a few friends and they blog a Weigh In Wednesday.  I like that idea.  When I participated on teams with we always weighed in on Wednesday's as well so this will be nothing new for me.  HOWEVER, I am not as brave as my blog friends, I can not at this time type my actual weight.  I am way too embarrassed at this time to do so.  I will have to keep the last two digits hidden until I am at a lower weight where I am not ashamed of the weight as much.

This months goal:
1. Track food daily.
2. Walk 30 minutes/day.

Fat Stats
Beginning Weight: XXX
This Week's Weight: 2XX
Total Weight Loss: 17 lbs

February 1st on I have done well with the tracking my food daily.  I did not track the Super Bowl Game food, I did not know how to track it, so I am sure I went over on my daily intake.  The walking 30 minutes a day has not happened as of yet.  The treadmill was put up to make room for the Christmas Tree.  The tree came down on the 2nd but now I need my husband to move the treadmill back for me.  This will be done tonight.  He promised, so I see the walking to begin tonight.

This is just the beginning of my Weigh In Wednesday.  Next week will include the difference between the week prior as well.



  1. Yay you! And I sooooo need to jump on board with you. I don't have a treadmill and trudging through a foot of snow for a half hour in single digit weather is not happening for me. - Oh, and btw, Super Bowl food, much like all holiday food, has no calories. ;)

  2. MiMi... Todd bought the treadmill for me next month one year ago. It still has parts that need to be removed in order for me to walk on the darn thing. LOL My knees will not allow me to bend over to remove the darn stuff without pain. Plus when we bought it, I was at the max. weight capacity so I was afraid I would break it. Now I am 17 pounds lighter so I am excited to use it.

    Thanks for letting me know about the calories. I completely forgot about that. I guess the fact I was rooting too much for your Lions I did not realize it. :P


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