Friday, March 29, 2013

Friday Confessional

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It is so Friday and time for Friday Confessions. 
Friday Confessional is hosted by Aubrey over at High-Heeled Love

I confess...

The week has gone fast, yet I do not feel like I have accomplished anything.  It is Good Friday and I am always very humble on Good Friday, knowing today is the day we recognize Jesus being crucified for all of us. 

I confess...

I have been working on my Friday Literacy to link up to Art@Home now for two weeks and I just have not completed it.  The books were read at the beginning of the month.  I just have not had time to finish what I have started but no matter what it will be done for next Friday.

I confess...

I am a little peeved at one of my darling sons.  He has done this now twice since he has been on his own.  The boys' father never communicates with me regarding time with the boys.  Yet, I am the custodial.  My son has a place of his own so he thinks it would be great to have get together at his place.  I am good with that, however I have problems with making plans and not including me when two of the boys still live with me.  It was not known until yesterday regarding Easter.  Truth be told, it is my year for Easter but their father always flakes out and cancels that I will take the high road.  He rarely sees them so I am not going to be the one to stand in the way, however leaving me three days to actually plan my Easter is a little too rude.  I think I am going to have to have a conversation with this son in the next month regarding this issue.  Next time, I may not be so giving.

I confess...

My Mother gets so much mixed up when she relays things to me since her accident and my Father is not any better since taking his chemo pills.  I found out my Mom was wrong about my niece.  The doctors did not want to take the entire half of the brain where the seizures are, but just the section if the seizures are in one location.  Unfortunately, they need to come up with a new plan because the seizures are stemming from all over the brain.  Poor little thing.

I confess...

We found out Todd's average sugar levels when they took his AC1 on the 15th, all I can say is OH MY GOODNESS!  I knew he was doing poorly and he told me the AC1 was double the amount it should be, his average was 350.  They want a diabetic to be around 120-130, normal is in the 90's.  The nutritionist asked him if he fell asleep while just sitting and watching T.V.  answer would be no.  Maybe this is a good sign.  He should be getting his lab work back any day.  We are waiting on pins and needles for this to know if he has done any damages to his organs.  I pray not.

I confess...

I am very proud he is not snacking all the time and his days off while I am at work he is being good.  He also started walking on the treadmill here at home and at work.  He has done this now three days in a row. 

Well that is all I have this week.  I know, kind of plain and simple.  I hope everyone has a wonderful Easter!


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