Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Happy List

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Here is this week's HAPPY LIST.  I had a wonderful weekend times 100!  It was so needed right now and helped me start my week off well.  {sadly--No Taj this week, Kera took the week off.}

Friday, I picked up Taj for the last time at his daycare, Kids Inc., he is now going to a new one where Emily works.  It was a little sad to see Taj go because Todd and I loved the daycare he was going, but they were not willing to work with Kera and have Taj go only part time.  The most he needs during the week is three days.  She lost her daycare assistance so Taj needed to transfer to a different daycare who is willing to charge part time.  Friday I was able to pick him up because I had the afternoon off and I loved my one on one time with Taj.  We sung in the car on the way home.  I love listening to him sing.  HAPPY!!!

Saturday, Todd and I went away for the day/night.  I left Ethan and Noah alone at home.  I felt they were responsible to do this and I was only an hour away.  I actually have the neighbor across the street keeping an eye on the house and they have their two big brothers they can reach out to as well as their two big sisters. (HAPPY, they call each other brothers and sisters, not step.  LOVE that!  I am still a step which is fine because they have a mother, but they have never had brothers, another thing that makes my heart sing!) I gave the boys just simple chores, their own laundry and their towels to wash and put away.  I told them I wanted it done Saturday.  I also told them I wanted them to clean up the kitchen as they go along.  I was very surprised they started their laundry immediately and felt very good about leaving them.  When we came home the boys did exactly what I asked.  HAPPY!!! It usually does not happen, doing what I ask that is.  HAPPY HAPPY HAPPY!!!

While away, all we did was relax in the room.  We napped as soon as we go there, woke up showered and went to dinner with his Mom and sister.  We had a great time.  I was very proud of my choices at the all you can eat buffet.  My first plate was only veggies, the second plate all it contained was the salmon.  I chose to have a sugar-free dessert.  I sat while the others ate and just enjoyed everyone and the conversation.  I do not recall a time where the four of us laughed as hard as we did that night.  HAPPY HAPPY HAPPY. 

I also read three books while we were at the hotel.  The books were not large books, all under 125 pages.  Todd finished his book as well and we enjoyed a movie and snuggle time.  HAPPY HAPPY HAPPY One of my favorite things when we get away to this hotel and have a suite is the bath tub.  The jacuzzi did not work but to have a large tub is wonderful to soak in.  I enjoyed the wonderful hot bubble bath the next morning.  I love little get aways with Todd.  HAPPY HAPPY HAPPY

HAPPY the new daycare is a good one too because Emily works there and we know what kind of care he will have.  Todd went with Kera yesterday to pick him up.  I guess they had to ask Emily during the day who Papa and Nana were because that is all he talked about.  When they went to pick him up, the teachers told Todd and Kera how he talked about Papa and Nana.  Taj ran to Papa and did not want Papa to put him down.  It makes my heart so HAPPY, that our grandson loves us so much, he talks about us during the day.

Oh, one more thing!  When I came home yesterday from work, Todd had the treadmill up and running for me.  HAPPY HAPPY HAPPY and when I walked up the stairs, he started our indoor green house.  Tomato seeds have been started.  Woo Hoo, gardening season is beginning.  Now to tell Mother Nature to quit dumping snow on us. 

What are you HAPPY about?  Come join in the fun at Art@Home.  The party is hosted by Ricki Jill.



  1. You had a great week, my friend. :D I hope Taj makes lots of new friends at his new school! Wow, the boys were so good while y'all were gone. I'd be very happy, too! Glad you had such a nice time on your little getaway.

    Thanks for linking up!


  2. I can just feel the happiness in your writing Jolene.. What a sweet grandson you have who brings such joy to your life. And getting away with your husband sounded wonderful. I love how the boys consider themselves brothers. It gives me a happy feeling.

  3. Sounds like a really fantastic week. That's so wonderful that you were able to leave the boys alone for the weekend and that they actually did the chores you asked them to do. Sounds like a great thing to come home to.


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