Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Happy List

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I am in a bit of a daze right now but want to participate so I am digging here.  To be honest I am very nervous and scared right now, so I am trying to focus on the positive and not worry about tomorrow's meeting at 9.  If you know me you will  know that is much easier said than done for me.

My Happy List this week:

I am HAPPY with the new journey I am on as well as Todd is on.  I just wish I did it sooner.  We have been doing great and I can not wait to post about my success tomorrow with my Wednesday Weigh In.

I am HAPPY Matthew and his girlfriend came over yesterday and had dinner with us.  It is so nice to see him happy.  In July he will become the general manager for the Jimmy John's he works, right now he is an assistant.  One year of this position and he will be able to pay for the last year and half of his college education.  I am so HAPPY for this kid.

I am HAPPY with our new dish we tried for dinner last night. I think I could eat it every night.  Look for a new recipe to be posted within the next few days.

Well that is all I have for now.  What are you HAPPY about?  Please join in with the party.  Ricki Jill host it at Art@Home.



  1. I'm so glad for you Jolene that you are having success with weight loss. I wish so bad I could get motivated. Hopefully soon. I am eager to hear your good news!

  2. You, me, and Patty can all encourage each other. I've started back to Pilates, and it's helping the arthritis in one of my knees. I'm feeling better, and I know that this will help me slim-up and get strong, which is the most important thing!

    Thanks for linking up!!!



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