Friday, March 1, 2013

Literary Friday~ The Rescue

I am joining Ricki Jill's party from Art@Home.

As some of my followers know, I received a NOOK for Christmas and was so overwhelmed at first.  I had no clue what I wanted to read, it had been so long since I actually sat down and read for pleasure.  I am making a point to read every night, even if it is for only 20 minutes because I enjoy it.  I am making time for me now and I am so enjoying it.  The day after I received my NOOK I placed a Facebook status for book recommendations, my niece recommended Nicolas Sparks.  I loved the movie The Notebook.  I never read the book and wished I did prior to watching the movie.  I also had seen preview for a movie and could not remember what the movie was named, so I took a guess and purchased The Rescue only to find out a week later I chose the wrong book but I still read it and enjoyed the book.

One of the main characters, Denise Holton,  is a single mother of four year old Kyle who has been diagnosed with auditory processing problems making it difficult for Kyle to speak and understand language.  She does not have a lot of friends where she lives.  She gave up teaching to stay home with Kyle to assist with his development and works part time at night to get by.  In the beginning of the book there is a terrible storm, Denise avoids hitting a deer and ends up hitting a tree.  She is knocked out from the accident for a little while and a voluntary fireman, Taylor McAden comes to her rescue.  Once Denise regains conscious she realizes her son is missing.  Denise is taken to the hospital while Taylor and other volunteers look during the storm in swamp.  Taylor is the person who rescues Kyle.  The two have an instant connection which is unusual for Kyle with his disability.  Taylor another main character is single and seems to have problems in the past with making commitments in his relationships.  The book lets the reader see how Denise gets to know others in the town she lives and the relationship between Denise and Taylor.  A relationship is exactly what both Denise and Taylor never wanted at first but something kept pulling the two together.  Taylor may have rescued Denise and Kyle, but Denise rescues Taylor as well with a demon in his past which is the reason for Taylor's fear of commitment.  I enjoyed this book and loved how the author showed not only the romance between Denise and Taylor but how the relationship of Kyle develops with Taylor and how Kyle grows.   I enjoy a good romance novel with a great story line.  I enjoy Nicolas Sparks as an author.

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  1. Thanks so much for linking-up. :D Does this one have a happy ending? Sometimes his books don't. Wow, this sounds like my life. WHen Shelley was diagnosed with CP, I quit teaching to be a SAHM. Shelley also has auditory processing issues.



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