Monday, March 25, 2013

Miscellaneous Monday

Wowzers!  So many things are happening and going on.  Here is the update.

I am learning to hate grocery day.  It is taking longer to shop because of reading the labels, comparing products so I can buy the lowest carbs available for that product.  It also takes longer to get out of the kitchen when I get home.  In addition to putting groceries away, I clean and cut all the veggies and put them in containers then in the refrigerator or I will put them in vegetable bags.  Soon when cauliflower is on sale, I will be blanching and freezing, this way when we make the mashed cauliflower it will cost less. This week we are also going to have turkey burgers so I made the turkey patties to freeze.  It is a lot of work but in the long run later in the week it will save time.

It seems like I am in the kitchen longer since we are eating healthier.  It takes a little longer to cook because we are eating nothing pre-processed.  All from scratch, then to measure and weight every thing I put on our plates.  It is a lot to do and big responsibility but I will do it every day to become healthier and to help my husband live longer too.  While I plan our meals I plug in the ingredients into a nutritional counter just to make sure the carbs are in a good range.  As I said it is a lot of responsibility and I want us to succeed in the worst way.


As I mentioned before work has been horrible.  It has been so stressful.  Without going into details, I can not work under this one supervisor any longer for my own health.  She has it out for me and the other really is not standing up too much either.  They both have been very unprofessional regarding the way they have treated me.  I feel very betrayed because I have done a lot for the department I work in.  I started to look for a new job back in December when everything started to come to a head.  January was horrible for me and I started to take anti-diarrhea medicine just to be able to be at my desk to answer the phones to keep my standards up.  I have had a lot of interviews but rarely heard back on any of them.  Finally one of the companies I applied for is one of our clients as well, responded back.  An offer was final for me on Friday and I was able to give my two weeks notice.  To be honest I was very nervous to hand it in.  I was actually shaking, but once I placed it on her desk and sat down at mine, a big relief came over me.  I felt like I could breath once again.  My only regret is I have is leaving the people, especially Anne who sits next to me.  She is like a sister to me.  Everyone on my team I have trained and because of that I have had the opportunity to get to know each of them.  This will be tough to leave them and the building I have worked for eight years, but this is a good move for me.


My Dad's birthday is going to be tomorrow.  He will be 65.  I am still hoping for a miracle for another birthday with him.


Now that my stress is over regarding my job, maybe the blues will leave and I can get all the extra things done I need to.


Todd has begun gardening.  My small living room make over is at a halt because our small green house is now in there.  I am fine with this because the garden means so much to both of us.  Next weekend we will be getting our season porch cleaned up.  Hopefully we will not have any more snow like today.  I can not wait to spend time in the porch this year.  I plan to have many healthy breakfast out there as well as enjoy the room to drink tea or coffee and read.  I am totally excited for this.


I am getting up early to walk on the treadmill.  I actually feel good about doing this.  I sort of slacked off this past weekend.  I need to do better and do this every day.  I feel like I have more energy and I know it will only become more, the healthier I become.


I wish my niece's life was a better one.  The past week my sister and her family have been at Rochester Mayo Clinic.  The doctors want to see what side of the brain  the seizures are.  They are hoping the seizures are all one side and if they are correct, they want to remove that half of the brain.  I am at a lost with this thought.  I am so glad my sister plans to have a second opinion.  My heart aches for my niece.  Poor little thing.

Well this sums up my week last week and the weekend as well.  Here is to a good week for all of us.


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