Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Monthly Goals

We are nearly a week into March and I need to post my monthly goals.  Let us look at February!

#1 was crossed off the first weekend.  All Christmas decorations are down.  *woo hoo*
#2 I did a pretty good job with this.  It may not have been every day but darn near close.
#3 NOPE... did not happen, but no excuse for the month of March.
#4 I was only able to complete two of the four canvas paintings for Ethan's room.
#5 I did not even touch any of the snowman votive candle holders. 
#6 I am a horrible friend, her gift is not even done yet. 
#7 The doors are still white.
#8 Only change to the main living room was the Christmas decorations down but nothing else.
#9 I did finish my book.  *woo hoo*


March will be about Spring Cleaning mainly. 
1. Spring Cleaning.
    *Laundry Room
    *Master Bedroom Closet
    *Bedrooms - vents & shampoo carpet.
    *Small Living Room- vents & baseboards.
    *Small Living Room closets
    *Linen Closet
    *Kitchen- Walls, Vents, Curtains, Pantry, Cupboards
2.  Finish Main Living Room
    *Paint the duct.
    *Re-decorate fire mantle.
3.  Work on weight loss
    *Document food intake daily
    *Walk 30 minutes/day
    *Drink 64 oz water/day
4. Complete One Book - Just One Of the Guys.
5.  Work on bird house.
6.  Finish votive candle holders.
7.  Finish canvas for Ethan's room.



  1. I love that you make these lists with these goals. I can't get anything done with a list, they're such life savers! Woo hoo to getting your book finished and the Christmas decor down! :D

    1. Yes, I live by list, however last month was not a good month for me to follow through with. I am fighting the blues big time and I find I am just less motivated. I think the exercising and the St Johns Wort will help. I have already read 3 books this month and I am thrilled with that. I love reading but I just do not make the time for it.

  2. Oops! I still haven't written my monthly goals post yet...I need to get on that!


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