Saturday, March 16, 2013

On A New Journey

I have not been faithful with my post this week.  I have been visiting my friends.  It has been an odd week.  A lot of pins and needles and still no outcome for one item.  My husband did go to his physical on Friday.  I am grateful he has finally did so.  He has gone 6 years without monitoring or doing anything for his diabetes.  We both talked about becoming healthier last year when our grandson was born.  I have no clue why we did not follow through.  Where I work we have a wellness program.  I have not been able to participate because I do not have insurance through my employer.  Last September I learned that the rules were different.  You did not have to carry the insurance.  I wanted us to participate in the worst way, for following through with signing up we each would get $150 and then if you were not healthy, they set you up with a health coach.  You have to follow up with this health coach for 8 times and then we each would get another $150.  I told Todd about it and tried to push the $300 each for us idea and told him I thought a health coach would be the way to go for us to get back on track.  I convinced him and he said yes.  I have been trying to get him to go to the doctor for years.  Unfortunately, when I called our doctor could not get us in until March, so we missed the time frame.  I am thrilled he still went through without any of the incentive.

His appointment was an eye opener for him and one that is changing our lifestyle again.  He did well at first but the stress of his daughters, he just gave up.  Now he will be carrying through because of how bad things are.  His AC1 test came back double the amount what it should be.  He will be back on Metmorfin plus another medication to get his levels normal.  He knows he does not have a choice at this point.  He found out that we were right (his mom, daughter, and I) he has been losing weight.  He has lost so much he can not keep his wedding ring on.  While he was there, his blood pressure was ify.  It could be the fact he was so stressed and wound up  because of his appointment with the doctor.  The doctor will be watching his pressure to see if it is a true concern.

So now, he is on this healthy journey with me.  We have so much to look forward to be healthier.  We have one another, our children, and grandson... possibly more some day.



  1. I'm happy to hear that you have both made the decision to get healthier. That diabetes is a tricky disease. My ex has it and it was hell trying to get him to keep it under control despite the ER visits and hospitalizations.. My prayers are with you both on this. :)

    1. Thank you MiMi. I am thrilled he is set on this path again. I worried so much about him with his diabetes, he is doing a great job and wanting to be as strict as he can be to avoid the insulin.

      I am just a tinge jealous he lost all this weight without really trying, it was a shift change that did it for him I am sure. He is sleeping at nights now, so the metabolism is being reset properly and he is not snacking all day long since he is working. We used to be about 25 pounds difference now we are 84 and it bugs the heck out of me. Ha ha... I know shallow but it does. I am thrilled for him though. The side effect of the medicine will also help him drop weight but he will be going through hell the first two weeks on this medicine so I am not envious of him at all. Thanks for your support you are a good friend and I am glad we met through the blogging world.


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