Sunday, March 17, 2013

Sunday's Song

 I had to take my original post down and put this one in place.  I just had to because it is St. Patrick's Day.  I need to have something Irish posted today.  I do have Irish in me and I am proud of it.  My Grandpa O'Connor's family is very Irish and always proudly showed it.  His grandparents came from Ireland to the United States.  My Mom is doing our genealogy and found out that we are related to the last great King of Ireland, I think that is kind of cool, however it is so far back that I am sure I am of no royalty nor deserve any royal treatment.  Ha Ha Ha  It is just a fun fact to know about my past. Enjoy!

My favorite from this band.

I love this group and this song.  The women's voices and the violin.  I just love love love it.


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