Wednesday, March 6, 2013

We Want To Know

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Spring is right around the corner, thank goodness, so Scriptor and Kenzi decided we should talk about seasons and vacations!

{no. 1} Are you affected by the "Winter Blues"? Does Winter drag on where you live? Well, I have the blues but I do not think it is the "Winter Blues".  I am ready for Spring.

{no. 2} What is Spring like where you live, and when does it arrive? Spring typically begins the end of March and it can be rainy and cloudy but the earth wakens and new growth comes from the trees and gardens.  The grass because beautiful once again.  However, last year we kind of skipped Spring and went into Summer way too soon...darn drought.
{no. 3} Do you have plans for Spring Break or an upcoming vacation? No vacations for us.
{no. 4} Have you ever done a true Spring Break to a beach somewhere to party, etc? No I never have.
{no. 5} What is your favorite thing about Spring? Lilacs.  I love lilacs.



  1. I will send over some of our rain if we can get some warm weather :) ha ha!
    Thanks so much for linking up with us!

  2. Ah we get a lot of lilacs here too. Thanks for linking up!


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