Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Happy List

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Wednesday means time for my HAPPY LIST.  This little party is hosted by Ricki Jill from Art@Home.  If you want to play or check it out, please come on over and visit her.

The weather is a little cold, hopefully our last cold front. Signs of Spring is coming are showing up every where and this makes me so HAPPY. I have so many flowers starting to come up. I think this weekend I am going to actually get out in the yard and do a little cleaning up from Fall. We tend to leave some of the leaves in the front yard over my flowers to help keep them warmer and to serve as compost. I LOVE Spring! A time for renewal. HAPPY HAPPY HAPPY!!! I have a new plan for my lily garden to keep the rabbits out this year. I can not wait to see it grow and spread like my favorite flower bed. My flower gardens makes me HAPPY.

 My favorite flower bed near the beginning of the season and prior to the new mulch
My Day Lily garden last year. (Excuse the long grass, our mower was broken.)

Easter was okay, this year. It was odd. We ended up meeting Todd's family in Davenport and went out to a buffet. We stood in line for nearly an hour, but I enjoyed the company. It has been so nice the past year with our get together, no drama and this makes me super HAPPY! Kera changed her plans at the last minute so we were unable to see her or Taj on Easter. This was not so happy for Todd and I. We were so excited to give our Easter basket to him and see the little guy.

However, we did give it to him on Monday after I came home from work. He pulled Elmo out right away and kept squeezing the toes to make him laugh. We have a Tickle Me Elmo he enjoys at our house. When he gets tired he tries to snuggle with him, but Elmo's belly is sort of hard for the tickle me computer, so Papa and Nana picked up a soft Elmo for him to take home to snuggle with. Taj loves books. HAPPY HAPPY HAPPY Nana loves Eric Carle books, so does him Mama. We picked up Elmo's Easter Parade (a must for Taj), 5 Little Monkeys Jumping On The Bed (Taj loves this little song.), and Eric Carle's Papa Please Get The Moon For Me.

We also picked up a couple of Spring/Summer PJs and one tiny chocolate Easter Bunny. Monday night a few hours after Kera left with Taj, she posted a picture to Facebook and tagged Todd and I, her comment was: Someone is excited about his new PJ's. Thank you Nana and Papa!

Does this picture scream with his excitement or what? HAPPY HAPPY HAPPY I just smile with a little giggle every time I see it.

What do you have to be HAPPY about? Come join in on the fun.


  1. your flower beds are SO LOVELY! we're about to move and i hope i can get some plants to grow at our new place.

    and that last picture- priceless! you can't NOT smile at that!! :)

    HAPPY day, friend! :)

  2. Spring flowers are on my Happy List too (although ours aren't nearly as far along as your are). That last photo is adorable - such enthusiasm.

  3. :D LOVE your list, but I would have expected the Cookie Monster to make an appearance, LOL! There is nothing sweeter than a child's excitement @ Christmas and Easter. Love that last photo!

    Thanks so much for linking up to My Happy List!
    Ricki Jill


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