Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Happy List

It is that time of week again.  HAPPY LIST!   Please come check out all the happiness over at Ricki Jill's blog   Art @ Home.

I needed new bras so I decided ( this was two months ago) to go to Younkers and pick up a couple.  I loved one of the two Todd bought me for my birthday.  While I was there I came across the Summer Pajama set below.  The picture does not do justice, because you can not see the stripes on the bottoms. The bottoms have the blue of the top pin stripped as well as a light green and a coral pin stripes.

source Younkers website

As I was stating, I came across this set and fell in love.  I can not remember when it was that I owned cute Summer Pajamas, so as an incentive to lose weight I thought I would buy one size smaller.   Once I came home I found out that I was in such a hurry I bought two sizes smaller.  Well, I have lost weight since the purchase and I was just curious how close to fitting them I was.  HAPPY HAPPY HAPPY  They fit now!!! They fit me perfect, which means I prefer them to be a little loser.  I hate things that fit because I like to hide behind the clothing, in turn makes me look bigger so I am fighting this urge to buy the bigger sizes to hid.  

My spring flowers are blooming.  HAPPY HAPPY HAPPY!

My little girl did not fair the winter storage.  I am going to have to get some plaster and fix her poor little head.  It was a gift from Todd on our first anniversary.

We have several starts for celery now and a few romaine lettuce.   Flowers and veggies makes me HAPPY as a lark.  

Whenever I get a camera in my hand I have to snap photos of this kid.  I just think he is sooo adorable but I am his Nana.  
What do you have to be happy about?   


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  1. OMGoodness.....that is your garden???? It is so pretty!!! LOVE your flowers, my friend.

    Congrats on your weight loss!!! That's *awesome* The PJ's are too, too cute!

    That Taj! He is so adorable. LOVE it when you post about that little guy!

    Thanks for linking-up to My Happy List!



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