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Literary Friday - Little Wild Book One-Three

Ricki Jill from Art @ Home host this great party every Friday regarding books.  What a great Party!

I enjoyed her Jacob's Daughter series by Samantha Jillian Bayarr and thought that I would give this series a try.  She typically gives a sneak peak with some of her other books by including a chapter or close to a chapter at the end of her books, well she does with her e-books that is. My husband and I had our little weekend get away a couple of months back and I downloaded the Little Wild Flower series: Little Wild Flower: Book One, Little Wild Flower: Book Two, The Taming of Wild Flower: Book Three, and Unto Others: Companion Edition.  I read all but the companion edition.  Samantha Jillian Bayarr wrote this book series differently than she did Jacob's Daughter.  In the Jacob's Daughter series she let the reader see both characters fears and feelings as well as how very expressive with their thoughts and concerns.  The Wild Flower series she did not write this way.  This book series is written about the main character Jane Reeves and the books are continuation of her life.

Book One is about Jane Reeves' family moving to a rural farmhouse in an Amish community for a fresh start for their family, mainly her mother who is a recovering alcoholic and abusive mother in her past. Jane is fifteen and did not favor the move one bit. She spent most of her summer in her bedroom angry because she left her two best friends, Penelope and Bradley, however the end of the summer she came across the neighbor Amish boy, Elijah Zooks, who is one year older. This book is about the two lifestyles blending as they build a relationship and marry one another. 

Book Two is about the life Jane and Elijah Zooks have built with one another.  We get to see how great life is for Jane and how she became Amish.  In this book we also get to see the tragedy Jane has to overcome.   This book completely drew me in and I actually laughed out loud at a few parts and my heart was beating strong with fear when her son was hospitalized.  I cried when Jane had to go through her tragedy.  This book was my favorite but very sad.  I was wiping tears away and when my husband noticed he pulled me closer and gave me a hug.  It was really needed and appropriately done by my husband. 

Book Three is Jane moving on with her life and her place in the Amish community.  Jane deals with her family growing older and her new relationship with Bradley.  This book was very low key with emotions compared to book Two.

I did not want to give too much about the books away because I did not want to ruin it for you.  I really did enjoy the books and they are small books.  I am actually follow the author on Facebook and I left a comment about how much I have enjoyed this series and she responded back to me thanking me and told me after her move she plans to complete the series.  I can not wait to read what she has in store for Jane next.


  1. Thanks for sharing that....I'd never heard of them before! Gotta love the good indie authors. :)

  2. Your reading is a lot kinder than mine! I'm reading the "Game of Thrones" series. All for a former student no less. I'm enjoying it well enough, but at 800 pages a pop, I can't help but think there are other books more deserving of my attention.

    I am happy, very much so, that you're reading and finding pleasure in it.

  3. :D I enjoyed the trailer. I watch a lot of them, and I think this one was very nice. I want to read it. Are they only available on eBooks?

    LOL I was 12 in 1977....I think I'd like to read the series because of the setting, too!

    Thanks so much for linking up to Literary Friday!
    Ricki Jill


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