Monday, April 29, 2013

Monday Ramblings

Life is back to normal some what.  Only two more days of training and then I will be in our temporary office until late June when our new office will be complete.  Today we will be traveling on a bus (nearly an hour and half away) to a couple of our offices in Dubuque so we can job shadow and see what a day in our life will actually be like.  My class will be the first in our office so we do not have anyone to job shadow.  The next three classes will have us to job shadow.  It is going to be a roller coaster ride at first but I think it will be a great one, so many opportunities awaits and I am willing to get on this ride.  Tuesday we will review our final test we took on Friday.  It has been a long and very tiring three weeks.  Wednesday I will begin my normal hours and once again I will be able to get up early and exercise on the treadmill instead of waking up early just to leave on time to drive 80 miles one way for training.  

Other than studying what has been going on?  Well the battle with the boys and their grades never ends.  The youngest went from two classes with an "F" to four.  I am not happy one bit about that.  Now I can not even log into the website and check their grades because they had to block outsiders getting in because they were having too many illegal entries so to say.  They are investigating it and will take actions upon the guilty people.  Meanwhile my boys are grounded from electronic games and computers until I am able to see a "C" or higher in every class.

My father is on depression medication now.  This worries me.  I think he has been doing so well with cancer because he has a very positive out look.  We have been told, once it starts to go it is going to go fast.  Sometime next month he will have another MRI.

I have had little time to be on the computer.  No computer time at work for personal.  It is not allowed.  Someone (insert eye roll) got on YouTube while at work and our client's data base was hacked so nothing personal at all now.  I used to read some of my blogs during lunch now I am not able to but for good reason.  I only inserted eye roll because I thought EVERYONE knew not to open anything streaming while at work because one is always taking a risk of hackers then.

Baligio Hotel 
Las Vegas, NV 

A couple of weeks ago I realized a year ago Todd and I was in Las Vegas enjoying our time with one another. 
Luxor Hotel
Las Vegas, NV

Wow!  I want to go back in the worse way now, although we saw so much, there was so much we did not see.  Plus I want to take the day as we talked about an drive to the Grand Canyon.  Who knows maybe next year?  If you want to read about our three day adventure you can begin here. 


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