Wednesday, April 10, 2013

No Post This Week

Hello my friends.  As you know I started a new job.  My new job I am a Leave of Absence Coordinator for FMLA.  Now ,I have worked with medical benefits for nearly twenty years. I have worked with benefits nearly for over ten years but I am learning all the nitty gritty about FMLA.  As anything from our Federal Government it is not all black and white, there are a lot of grays.  We were given a three inch binder full of materials, which we are going over in our training class.  I am learning a lot.  Due to all of this new material, when I come home at night and after my regular Mommy duties I do not have time for the computer much at all.  I check my email and check email on Facebook and that is all I have time for right now.  The rest of my time is studying for my FMLA 101 test this Friday.  I want to excel at this because well that is just the way I roll.

I am sorry to all my blog friends, I will not participate with any Memes this week.  Unfortunately I will not be able to participate with the Ultimate Blog Party over at 5 Minutes for Moms either now.  However, Saturday and Sunday I plan to read what I missed in your lives.

I hope you all have a great week.



  1. I will be using the FMLA soon when my grandson arrives!

  2. We have all been there!!! Sometimes life gets in the way of *fun* ;P

  3. Well, I truly hope the exam went well today and that you will be very successful in your new career.. all the very best from over the big pond.. janzi

  4. How is the job going? Great, I hope!


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