Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Weigh In Wednesday

I am participating with Becca from Everday Life

I am very disappointed with myself.  I maintained.  It is not acceptable for me at this time.  YES!  I am being hard on myself.  It is too early to not lose anything and it is my fault because I did not do what I was suppose to.  I did not drink enough water.  I did not exercise enough.  I did not track my food.  I did do well at Easter and we went to an all you can eat buffet.  I was happy with my choice and had only one plate over half of it was a salad.  No desserts.

Last week's goals:
  1. Track Food Daily   None at all
  2. Walk 20 minutes a day  Only one day.
  3. Drink 64 oz of water a day Not one day
This week's goals:

  1. Track Food Daily
  2. Walk 20 minutes a day
  3. Drink 64 oz of water a day
Fat Stats: 
Last week: 2xx 
This week: 2xx
Total loss from last week: 0 lbs
Total loss total: 23 lbs



  1. Jolene, You have come a long ways if you have already lost 23! I am not sure how you are tracking your food, but I use "Lose It" which is an amazing app! I also have a fitbit that encourages me to walk more! But KEEP up the GOOD WORK!

  2. hang in there and remember you did do something this week you learned a valuable lesson that when you don't do the right things like drink water and exercise you get no results. Plus you did wonderful at a buffet type dinner so i see these as a win and this week yo
    re going to rock that scale because you're going to do everything you know you should. keep go working at it. thanks for joining up and adding your support.

  3. Don't get discouraged on a week when "nothing happens" - I had that happen to me, I think I was in week 4, and I was so cross. I was like, "It's too early to plateau! I should still be producing results!" ... The next week, I was rewarded, and learned my lesson not to panic on weeks when nothing happens. Keep it up :)

  4. All the other comments are right on. If anything the only "damaging" one was not tracking because it would show you where you can make changes. Honestly, exercise is good, but not vital. It's really all about good food choices and staying away from processed foods. Remember, I exercise daily, and I've put on what you've lost (and more) over the past 5 years at this job. I'm very proud of your commitment. I think disappointment can drive you, but if you get a "all or nothing" attitude, it won't help. Love and acceptance are part of it.

    I have a weird thought/question. Is the anger that you didn't give in to temptations and still didn't loose? Essentially, if you were going to stay the same you would have enjoyed x, y, or z? As you know from life, doing all the right things doesn't always mean you get rewarded right away. It's through repetition that you will find your groove.

    Continue being an inspiration to me to get back to eating well, tracking, and having water. I know those work. You will meet your goal.


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