Friday, May 17, 2013

Friday Confessional

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It is Friday and that means Friday Confessionals.  Come join Aubrey from High-Heeled Love.  She is the hostess with the mostess every Friday for confessions.

I confess...

It has been nearly a month since I confessed, unless you count my "My Little Tajie Poo Poo" post yesterday as a confession.  (he he he)

I confess...

I think I might have to work over time tonight.  I hope not but as I left work on Thursday, I had a lot of cases I need to work on and would love to come to work with everything this week being done because I know there will be a lot of new cases come Monday from over the weekend.  (I am still enjoying the job though.)

I confess...

I was very surprised to see my Iris bloom already.  It was just planted last Saturday and just a tiny bud.
I can not wait to finish this garden to show the after.  I have a post scheduled to publish tomorrow about our (my) flower gardens.  Still working on the vegetable gardens post.

I confess...

I took some more pictures of Taj on Thursday.  I went out to put chicken grillers on the grill and saw this...
and when I came out to turn the chicken grillers I saw this.  Taj helping Papa gardening.

I confess... 

I love how my boys (all of them do but these two see him more) love their nephew.
I confess...

I love that photo above.  I took it through our screen while I was standing in our porch.  It is my new profile picture on Facebook.

What do you have to confess about?  Come join the fun!



  1. Oh, the iris is gorgeous! I love the colors...and that last pic is priceless. :)

  2. What a beautiful iris! I swear your grandson is getting so big! It's amazing how fast they grow.

    Thanks for linking up for Friday Confessional. Hope you're having a fabulous week so far.


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