Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Happy List

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It is time to join in Ricki Jill's party... Happy List.  Please take the time to enjoy her blog.  She is such a sweet person.  Ricki Jill host every Tuesday Happy List over at Art @ Home.  

I had a small list going in my head...but one just SHINES!

I am HAPPY for my new job.  I miss checking in on my blog friends and my emails during my lunch hour but I am enjoying my new position.  Every day is still learning and many challenges with a new company per say but I am very HAPPY for the opportunity.

I am HAPPY the weather is great.  I can not wait to post pictures of our gardens so far.  With that said, is anyone else having problems uploading images to Blogger?

Sunday I went shopping for clothes to wear to work.  Now if you have followed me for awhile, you know I typically do not buy many things for me.  I used to think I did not deserve pretty fashionable clothing because it was my way of punishing me for my size.  Well from support of you all and your comments, I do not feel this way anymore.  I purchased several cute outfits in a size smaller.  HAPPY HAPPY HAPPY.  This is the first time I can recall buying clothing for myself and actually enjoying it.  And here is a bonus... I accessorized too!  HAPPY HAPPY HAPPY

I saved the best for last.  If I had my sister's permission I would even post the video she sent me, but since I do not I can not post it.   My heart just sings with HAPPINESS for this next thing.

I mean it bellows out with the most HAPPIEST song and PRAISE! This sweet little niece of mine.
Miranda will be 4 1/2 years old later this month.  She is able to pull herself up and stand holding on to something now!  This is so wonderful!  She is able to stand for nearly five minutes now holding on and she does it several times a day.  We have been waiting for this day to come.  I truly makes my heart HAPPY HAPPY HAPPY!!!

What do you have to be HAPPY about?



  1. Wow, well your happiness certainly trumps mine this week, LOL! What a blessings about your little niece! :D

    I think you deserve some pretty things (accessories included) because it will encourage you to stay the course!

    I have been doing great with exercise, but diet? Not so much....

    Thanks for linking-up!


  2. YAY! That's good happy, and GOOD FOR YOU buying outfits that make you feel pretty! We all deserve that, regardless of size or shape. We may have to hunt to find good things, given the stupidity of mainstream fashion, or make our own...but there's a flattering outfit for everyone out there. And we deserve it. :D

  3. Nice happy list Jolene. So glad you love your new job and feel good about yourself. New clothes are awesome!

  4. I like your list lovely lady! I like new cloths, they always boost our spirits and of course, a job we love as well! Have a very blessed Mom's Day. Thanks for coming to visit me.


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