Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Happy List

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Every Tuesday is Happy List day.  A day to spread our HAPPINESS.  Ricki Jill host the little party over at Art @ Home.  I just love her.

This week's Happy List is going to be tough to keep short.

Let me start with Mother's Day.  It was a very rough start (two boys teens, hormones flying high, enough said because this is a Happy List) but turned out great!  The boys (Joshua, Ethan, and Noah) all helped me with   the flower gardens and yard.  More to post about this later, but here is a sneak peek. It made me so HAPPY, how it turned out.

I spoke to Matthew on Sunday.  He is working so hard and sounds so exhausted but the fact he remember to call his Mom, makes me HAPPY!  He also turned 23 on Friday.  Where does time go?  Todd took me out to buy my usual Mother's Day gift, only I chose something different.  The past five years, I have picked out lilac bushes a different kind each time.  This time I chose Clematis.  I wanted to incorporate our trellis we made last year.  However once we got it out, it just did not look right, so Todd suggested the arbor we bought a few years ago.  I love the idea (which means I will not have the other flower garden I had envisioned but I am happier with this.)  Here is what the flower garden looked like last year.  It is my favorite.

Prior to the mulch being placed down.
Now here is the beginning of our update.  Oh, and the boys planted two Iris for me as well as several Gladiola bulbs.  HAPPY HAPPY HAPPY, flowers for the entire season.
Still in Progress.

Watch for a post once everything is completed in the next week or two.  I will show more post through out the season for the new flowers blooming.  Flowers gardens make me HAPPY!

Saturday I was able to go and listen to Joshua's concert.  He is in one of the choirs for the University of Iowa.  They have one choir where one can participate even if they are no longer an active student.  It was great to listen to him sing again. HAPPY!!

We picked up a sandbox for Taj.  Noah was excited too!  He always loved playing in his sandbox.  We had Taj Monday night and I think I took nearly 90 pictures Monday of him and the gardens.  Here's a sneak peak at one of them.  Watch for a post sometime this week about our fun night with Taj.

What do you have to be HAPPY about?  Come join in the fun!



  1. Yikes! I still don't have My Happy List ready yet....got something in the mail (didn't check it 'til late) and I'm waiting for the light to take a photo!

    Great list! OMGoodness, that photo of Tajs is just the cutest.

    I love clematis. It will look pretty on your trellis. Your garden is really coming along!

    I need to plant our planters, and soon...everyone's yard is looking so nice but ours looks sad without any towers!


  2. Well I see why you are so dog gone happy. What a cutie pie.
    I love your flowers, how could anyone not be happy looking into a bloom. Thanks for sharing, Kathy

  3. Oh that pic of your darling just put the biggest smile on my face..and I needed it, so thank you for sharing it! Your garden is coming along beautifully with such wonderful blooms. Thank you for such a sweet and kind comment, I so love you coming by. I just became your latest follower...hope you like to follow back, only if you wish, though. Big hugs,


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