Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Happy List

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Every Tuesday is Happy List day.  A day to spread our HAPPINESS.  Ricki Jill host the little party over at Art @ Home.  I just love her.

What a wonderful weekend.  Okay not last night's weather.  The sirens going off while I was sleeping was not fun at all.  It threw my sleep way off.

Any hoo,  Saturday I meet up with my dear friend from my last job.  It was great seeing her and talking to her.  I wish I could have taken her with me when I left. 

Sunday,  Oh my Sunday!   Sunday Todd and I spent 4 hours on the road with Taj but it was totally worth it.
Sesame Street Live
I recorded Taj during the intermission.

He was so excited.  I plan to post about it on Thursday and tomorrow, if you enjoy seeing fun Taj pictures, I plan to post a "Priceless" photo of him on Wordless Wednesday.  It was the exact moment when Elmo came on to stage!   That moment was just P R I C E L E S S !!!  It should be on the charge card commercial.  Tickets costing $110, gas $35, souvenir goodies $50, Taj's excitement Priceless. 



  1. AW! You're so sweet! I need to get my post up! I've been cooking bacon and getting Shelley out the door for her exams. Please say a little prayer for her!

    I know Taj jad a great time. He makes me smile!

    Tell Taj that I love Oscar best! ;P


  2. Oh my goodness, how totally cute is this! My grandgirl Victoria, who will be 9 next month, when she was like your Taj just adored it! He is the cutest! Thanks for sharing, sweet friend. Thank you so much for the compliments on our home; it was featured in two pages in a magazine around 5 years ago..a magazine from here, though. Big hugs,

  3. I'm so glad Sesame Street is still around. I have great memories of my children watching it.


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