Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Happy List

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It that time of week again where we list what we are HAPPY about.  Ricki Jill host the little party over at Art @ Home.  Go check out all the fun. 

It has been a long and hard week.  The boys have been awful.  Todd and I even had a small disagreement over them.  (He was right.)  I just could not find anything to put on a Happy List this week.  I do not like that not having anything Happy to share so I am going with this...

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Today is my Blogiversary.  Yes, it was May 28, 2010 when I started With A Little Help From My Friends.  I am very HAPPY I dd this and I am still enjoying it.  I love sharing my life and for the most part blessings.  I also love sharing what I am into and very much enjoy my friends on here and getting to meet more wonderful people.

I decided to have a BLOGIVERSARY.  I want to share my HAPPY Blogging with everyone.  I am going to give a $25 Amazon Gift Card.  My first giveaway and I am so excited  Good luck everyone!


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  1. Happy bloggy birthday! And thanks for continuing the journey, and supporting others of us on the journey, as we all blog into the sunset. :)

  2. Happy blogiversary! :D YAY! Nice giveaway, too!!!

    Sometimes we do have hard weeks, but you can always find something to make you smile.

    Here's to a better week this week!



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