Monday, May 27, 2013

I'm Getting A Face Lift

Well not me literally but my blog is getting a face lift and I hope the last one.  I had a few people mention to me how out dated my picture was in my header. The picture of the children was nearly five years old.  Ethan is now taller than Matthew and Joshua.  The baby, Noah is taller than Emily.  It was also brought to my attention how much Taj has changed.   This will be the fourth change in three years.  In the beginning my header started with this one.

 photo itsonlynatural614234045.jpg

Then Taj was born and about nine months later, I knew I had to count him as one of my many blessings.

 photo blog2.jpg
I was very happy with this one but then Taj grew and I kept look at it, the children could not be centered in the middle frame it it bugged me.  I also thought I wanted to include my gardening some how, thus this one was born.

Untitled photo Untitled-9.jpg

This one made me very happy and I was content.  I loved how it represented me, but my butterfly garden pictures was not the best.  As our family grows, I do not want to keep changing my header, with that said, I decided to go with a look of no family picture avoiding this problem in the future.  At first I thought about just updating the picture of the children and grandson but then I remember how much work it took to align it exactly like I wanted.  I also thought, Noah is not done growing, nor Taj and someday there will be husbands and wives and more grandchildren, so instead I went with one of my favorite garden pictures I took this year.  I also went with colors which were more me as well.  Blue is my ultimate favorite color and a close second would be Red and then Pink.  I am nearly done.  Here was my second about me.

 photo welcome.jpg
I like the style of the wording but the picture was taken when I having fun with my phone camera one morning. I only kept it for awhile and then went with the Blogger version from the gadget section.  I am still not happy with this section on my blog and will change it when I figure out how.  I just want to make my about me section on the right to be one of those tab type and I am having just a little bit of difficulty with it. If one day it appears, you will know I was successful with figuring out how.   Oh, I still need to update my button as well.  I never did that the last time.  This time I want to and this will be my look, no more changes.  Well at least I hope no more.

Now that I am thinking I should have waited to do this until tomorrow.  May 28, 2010 was my first post on With A Little Help From My Friends.


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  1. Your blogversary is my wedding anniversary! It's been a great time blogging, huh? So, have you decided for sure on your new header? It all looks good to me!


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