Sunday, May 12, 2013

Just For The Heck Of It!

UGH!!!  I can only add photos by copying them from facebook.  None of my images are being uploaded for some odd reason.

Anyhoo... just had some fun one morning with pictures of me.  I felt great in my new clothing and thought I would take some pictures of me.  After uploading I had to laugh, WELL DUH JOLENE!!!  I was holding the camera and no one was going to be able to see the outfit.  Any way, they are not bad head shots.  HA HA HA.


I took this one for Angie.  It is my tribute picture to her. 




  1. ITs another Monday, and I've just read your post and seen all the lovely photos. From looking at them I thought I would tell you what I thought about your pictures... they show great intelligence behind those glasses, eyes that watch and think a lot.. your hair was shining, so you must be in quite good health, and your face was open, a face that would be nice to have as a friend... so there you are, you seem to be, by your newest photos, someone who is good to know, a reliable type that could just be the best friend to those she likes and trusts.. Have a great week, hugs from across the pond, Janzi

    1. Thank you Janzi! You always have such kind words for me.

  2. You are TOO CUTE and I love your Mother's Day song!

  3. Ahahaha! Those are fantastic (that is such an Angie photo, too!). Well done on the matching accessories, and YAY for wearing bright, happy colors! :D

  4. Oh my gosh, you're adorable. LOL!!! I love that!

    Your pictures are gorgeous too! :) Thanks for that! :D


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