Friday, May 17, 2013

Literary Friday

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Ricki Jill from Art @ Home host Literary Friday.  I swear I wished I lived closer to her.  I would love to be real life friends with her.

 (I actually started this post April 8th but never finished it.)

I know, I have been on a kick of reading Samantha Jillian Bayarr books lately.  I promise I am reading other books but I have not finished them yet and her books are small.  I downloaded these two books the same day.
Amish Love Letters (Amish Christian Romance)
Amish Love Letters is a very small book.  I personally would not even call it a book, more like short story, it was only 35 pages.   I enjoyed this book with all the cute little secret love notes, however it is my least favorite in the series. I actually only paid $0.99 for the book and I would not pay much more than that price.  It is a book I would check out at the library, but I wanted to get all of her books.  That is how much I like her and how least favorite I like of her books so far.  This book has a recipe at the end of it.  An Amish Pie recipe.  I would have loved to make it and post it but the ingredients were just too bad for diabetics.  Someone else will have to try it and share how they felt about the pie.

The second book I downloaded was Unto Others:Companion Edition. This book had a warning prior to downloading about the events, abuse and swearing.
Unto Others: Companion Edition (Little Wild Flower, an Amish Romance)
This book is the companion book to the Little Wildfire books and is suppose to be about Jane's childhood prior to moving to the Amish Community.  The Prologue alone was very touching.  This book was graphic to some degree about how Jane's mother abused her and her siblings.  Every episode I read I was sad because of the prologue the book had, knowing it came from the author's childhood.  I am glad she wrote this book after the first three because I would have hated Jane's mother and not given her a chance one bit.    I definitely recommend the Little Wild Flower series.  She has two more books in the series to write.  They are small books but I found them very enjoyable and emotional, nice quick reads.

(By the way, I have a few more books of hers to read.  I ended up getting all her books she has at this time.  My past co-workers gave me a gift card to Barnes & Noble where I was able to get 13 books.) 


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  1. Is this the companion to the series you blogged about not too long ago, that is set in the seventies? I still want to read it. :D I'm amazed with all you've been doing that you've had time to read. (even though it's only 35 pp)

    Thanks for linking-up, my dear! :D


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