Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Mug o' Comfort Swap

I found my box of goodies on my deck today!  Woo Hoo!   I participated with a swap hosted by Chaotic Goddess Swaps (My So Called Chaos and Living A Goddess Life)

I was paired with Becca from Everyday Life.  What was great is I already follow her and read her blogs regularly.  She is a very talented at writing and adores her little man.  You should go check out her blog!  I love her Haiku Monday.

Here is the beginning of my awesome package.

I loved the card

Inside the basked I found...
Granola Bars and Ice Coffee mix
 Hot Chocolate with Marshmallows to enjoy with Taj.
Hazelnut coffee, French Vanilla Cream, and an assortment of Tea.

I love the mug she gave me.
It reads...
"unwind with your favorite cup of tea
take it east
chill out
put your feet up
let go"
I LOVE it and plan NOT to share my cup with anyone in the house.
I deserve to be a little selfish once in awhile.  
I also had a little helper while I enjoyed opening my package.

Thank you Becca for a great box of goodness!!!!



  1. Looks like you got a good basket! Fun mug, and I love those vanilla coffee creamers.
    Jennifer @

  2. Aw, great box! You can have tea time or coffee or cocoa in your own little corner of bliss now. :D
    Thanks for joining us with this swap!

  3. I love your post, so much interesting things to see, like the cute mug and the vanilla coffee creamers..but the cutest of all, your adorable little helper! Big hugs,

  4. so happy you liked everything and your little helper is adorable.

  5. That mug is fantastic, and so is the stuff she sent with it!

    Thanks for participating! :D


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