Thursday, May 16, 2013

My Little Tajie Poo Poo

 I just love this kid.
Do not take me wrong, I was so in love with my boys.  Well that was not worded well... the was, I still love them and the girls too.  It is just a different love for a grandchild.  Maybe because I do not have to be the Mom!  I enjoy being a Mom, I just do not enjoy having to be the only parent when it comes to my sons.  Todd helps when needed but we have never crossed the line when it came to our children.

Any way, we have Taj three nights a week.  Kera works 9-7 and we pick him up at day care the three nights during the week she works.  We also have him at least one sometimes two days every other weekend when she has to work.  Sometimes, her Mom will have him and once in a blue moon when Taj's Dad feels like being a Dad he will have him.  Because we have him often, we thought we should have things here too, you know we are just cool Grandparents.  He has different names for us, Papa and Nana.  He has different names for Kera's Mom and Step Dad too... it is Memaw and Bapa,

We bought a sandbox for him to play in.

He loves it.
This one is my favorite.  I love the tongue and his total concentration here.

He loves playing outdoors and since the weather is nicer, I love the fact the ball is being kicked outside.
He has watched Ethan and Noah bounce it off their head so he thinks he can do it too.
This is his "Yes, Papa!  I am ready" look.
Oh he is not an angel and can be a little booger too at times.  He kept throwing the ball into my Butterfly/Humming Bird garden.  After two times, I told him it was staying in there, but who was I fooling?
He just helped his self to it.  

He loves to help us with everything.  He has to help water the garden and plants too.

Here he is in my new pot. I got it out to decide where I am place it and what I am going to plant inside of it.
I am not exactly sure why he wanted to sit inside of it, but I thought well kiddo, you just gave me another photo opportunity. Until...
 He started to fall...

Nana and Papa just laughed. What can I say, we knew he was fine and it was funny. If I could get away with it, I would keep my pot exactly like this...

Here he is playing basketball.
and golfing
and fishing with his golf club in our fire pit

As you can tell, I take many pictures of my little Buba or Tajie Poo Poo.  I think next week I will do another interview with him.  This time my questions will be "What does (blank) say?"  I love hearing him make animal sounds.  I can not believe next month the little guy will be two.  Two years old.  This coming Sunday, Papa and Nana will be driving 2 hours one way with him to see Sesame Street Live.  I think he will love it.  I just hope I can get a picture of him with the characters.  One where he is not afraid of them.  He loves them but he is afraid of things in costumes.  We will see how it turns out.  

Again, Have I mentioned how much I love this kid?



  1. He is SO adorable! Looking at these pics makes me miss my grandson SO much.. Aren't they fun at this age?? Keep these pics around as a reminder of how adorable he was so when he hits those teenage years you don't go nutso. ;) Great post.

    1. Thanks! Will your grandson be able to come out and spend some time with you this summer?


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