Thursday, May 23, 2013

Sesame Street Live

The day finally came.  We took off after breakfast and headed to Des Moines where Sesame Street Live would be performing.  This is a two hour drive one way.  I sat in back with Taj.

I packed our lap top with the Toy Story video.  I made sure it was fully charged.  We were near the end when Windows decided to update and shut everything down.  Taj became a little bored.
So I started to talk about the show and played with him with his Elmo and Cookie Monster.
We visited my Mom for only 20 minutes and changed his clothes for the show.  The show was to begin during Taj's typical nap time.  He fell asleep as soon as we pulled out of my Mom's drive way.  He slept in Papa's arms while we ordered lunch and juggled everything to our seat.  5th Row on the floor.  He slept all the way up to the moment we sat him on his seat.  He was dazed and confused.  He did not know exactly what was going on. Then Bert and Ernie came out talking about the letter of the day and the number of the day.  He figured out something was going on
The total impact of it all did not happen until Elmo came onto stage.
This moment forward during the first half of the show, this child stood the entire time on his seat.  He was dancing, cheering, singing, and screaming.  It was the mini version of all the teen girls watching The Beatles.

He became Cookie Monster every time he saw him.  His little fingers flying near his mouth going... "Nom Nom Nom Nom."
He would cry out the characters names when they spoke... Elmo... Big Bird...
Oh my!  When Elmo's World theme song began, the kid went crazy!
He giggled and giggled.  He pointed and pointed when Mr. Noodle's other brother Mr. Noodle came out of the shade, however he cried when Mr. Noodle's other brother Mr. Noodle left.
After Elmo's World it was time for intermission.  Taj was getting a little tired and he wanted up on stage with Sesame Street in the worse way.  He wanted to play with Elmo but then he saw the balloons.
Being the spoiled grandson he is (he he he) Todd sent me up to buy one for him.  We also moved back 2 rows because no one was sitting behind us.  We wanted to be near the center aisle because the characters were going off stage and going up the middle to shake the kids hands and we wanted Taj to experience it too.
The show started back up and this guy... Honker.  Well he came out from the back and he came up to Taj and touched him.  He scared the crap out of him.  Taj started to cry.  Honker felt bad and started to rub his back.  Taj then scrammed to Todd's arms.  Poor Honker.

Taj bounced back quickly, watching the characters dance on stage.  He still wanted to go up and play with Elmo.
 He loved it when Oscar finally made an appearance. 
(This one is for you Ricki Jill)

He counted with the count and both Todd and Taj laughed like he did too when the time came for the count to Mawhahahaha.  (Seriously, he can count to 10 without making any mistakes and he will be only two in about 3 weeks.)

As the characters headed down the stage and towards the audience, I would put down my cameras (yes two cameras...when all was said and done I took 210 pictures.) and would grab Taj and put him on my lap near the center, I would say in his ear "Look here comes Abby Cadabby Taj!"  He seemed not to be afraid if I pointed the character out and was coming towards us.  He reached out to shake Abby's hand.  Then "Here comes Zoey, Taj!"  He was excited and shook Zoey's hand.  While Zoey was still near us, Taj spotted Elmo.  I had to hold on tight to him because he was trying to jump off my lap to run to Elmo.  Todd said his eye lit up and a huge smile of anticipation, Elmo was coming.  However, Elmo had to turn around just two rows ahead of us to go back to stage.  Taj cried out "Elmo!  Elmo!  Elmo!"  Zoey noticed this and gave his little head a rub and then she bent down to hug him.  Taj seemed to be fine with Zoey's gestures to make up for touching not touching Elmo.


They did their final number and then each character came up and waved good-bye.  Taj would say their name and say "Bye Bert!" "Bye Ernie!" and waived wildly for each character.  He did a great job.  I feared he would throw a fit when it was over, wanting them still, but saying good-bye like he did he was satisfied.  I was so impressed with only a 20 minute nap.  
Of course being Taj's Nana and Papa we did not let him go home empty handed, or with the balloon only.  We picked up a new shirt for him and package with 8 little characters to play with.  
He was thrilled!  It was a great day!  Well worth the drive.  I plan to make a book with all the pictures I took for him, hopefully he will keep it and remember something about this special day with his Papa and Nana and Sesame Street.  He and Todd slept all the way home.

Once we got home, all he did was talk about the characters.  He played with his new guys and his new balloon.
It was a great day!  You should have heard him talking a mile a minute to his Mama about his day!



  1. What a trooper! It sounds exhaustingly exciting and I'm so impressed that he didn't lose it at the end. Clearly, he understands and is OK with closure (goodbyes). How awesome! I had a similar experience as a kid (I think I was 5 or 6) with a live "Sharon, Lois, and Bram's Elephant Show", but I'm pretty sure I threw a fit when it was over. And then slept all the way home. ;)

    Have you seen that documentary, Being Elmo? I think he's a character that touches every child who sees him.

  2. How exciting! Great pictures and great memories. Thanks for sharing this with us.


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